Trust SOUL To Know Your Path

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every morning for years I’ve woke with a head full of thought which could not be contained. Lately it’s gone over the top spilling out all over the place creating a rush to categorize it so as not to lose it. Much stored is from previous downloads of universal awareness from 50+ years ago, you know the stuff that’s there for when time is right to apply it.          hoho stop running I’m not going to ask you to help clean up!
It’s being rooted through in dream state and like a poor housekeeper flung aside over neurons like clutter to be organized for more awareness upon waking in present. Thus more info on the basics of soul..
…we all speak of ours but have little understanding of this unseen part of self which is consciousness containing all experienced from its onset as an original aspect of Source when sparked to Become. These aspects/soul of itself is how Source experiences All Thing which is how the universe is expanding to become more.
This idea of lumping certain souls in groups to all act and react in kind is a low-frequency limited concept…These come into being more prevalent today than ever before because seekers of understanding latch on to pompous egos, with superior abilities activated but little higher enlightenment,  spouting they know it all on Internet & FB sites, then get caught up in limited belief systems…Just like the coined Lightworker group got swayed into beliefs with its dogma limiting mind expansion similar to religions. This is actually just a new form of the battle between Light&Dark forces, where the Dark has tricked Lightbarers with disinformation tactics.  No matter how much we make statement of it people with their 3D fear based vibrations limit their own ability to Trust Self and “Stand In Their Power” They continually seek outside themselves for the quick Savior who tells them they have all the answers. These well meaning souls as teachers are being lured and controlled by the Dark Side to keep seekers thinking themselves lesser   than others so they must be dependent upon them to know themselves. (usually 3D monetary consideration is their lure) Sharing encouragement ideas or a personal experience as a personal experience is one thing, it becomes deviant when one spouts it as the format of how everyone on a particular path will or should  function...I can not remind you enough We Are Not In Human Form As Clones, We Are Here As An Expression Of Free Will To Experience Self.
SEEK WITHIN – TRUST YOUR SOUL AND WHAT HIGHER SELF SHARES WITH YOU IN THE MOMENT..your Soul will never lead you astray even if it leads you to a painful experience, it knows this is what you need to evolve into enlightenment on your journey.
This is the time for learning to LOVE SELF UNCONDITIONALLY beginning with self trust, refuse others who usurp Your Standing In Your Power to become the Higher Vibration Frequency Being in the new 5D Matrix.

Clear Perspective of the Soul

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Higher Self Consciousness has been harping in the same way some of the Master Guides have about my speaking up and speaking out due to misconception and disinformation on the internet. First I’ll say each soul is it’s own personal consciousness level according to experience it has encountered, this is what each should express as we did not incarnate as clones. This is not leaving room for Ego grading ~it just is. There are as many various perceptions of earth and human history as there are Souls. None more right or wrong than the other, regardless of religions say so, souls are simply individual aspects sparks of Source as expressions of the experience it has encountered..
We must learn to honor this as the wisdom of becoming Higher Beings.
basically a bubble of consciousness or knowing. It’s part of a whole which is an infinite field of consciousness knowing, with smaller fields within it. Bubbles within bubbles, each holding cumulative of it’s experience as existence itself within this universe. In higher oscillating waves of this Earth Reality these are unseen, in slower oscillation they actually are viewed as bubbles or waves, in the slowest as  matter in it’s chosen form as the energy body surrounding humans called this SOUL..This begins at the 3rd dimensional density of atoms…even though there is consciousness in the 1st and 2nd dimension density of atoms it is not yet aware of itself. In the 3rd density it becomes aware of itself and then responds upon being observed. This also been verified by Quantum Physics.