Saturday, April 16, 2016


Seeing the Higher Dimensions through ones third eye is becoming normal for many... this is evolutionary enlightenment and what many in human form today are here to do by living from higher self heart principals. The past two days have sent the most powerful cosmic energy of ionized particles to earth yet. Even those unawakened to a Shift in Consciousness have felt them. They have also encountered powerful negative activities because these rays were designed to dig deep forcing denser energy to the surface to be released. In case you didn't notice there were more earthquakes around the globe then ever previously experienced. Electronic equipment was also effected and services hindered. Our Solar System as it spiraled through space encountered pockets of energy which set this off on our Sun...Right now the sun is at a very low activity rate, so this was quite the happening which even had NASA concerned. Many of us through higher awareness knew something was about to happen and applied our loving thoughts asking Mother Earth to spread her reaction out in smaller Firecracker pop reactions rather than the huge Abomb or M80 reactive event what appeared to be coming...It worked and we now send blessing and healing to those areas which suffered damage and much loss of could of been worse!

Our SUN is the heart of our Solar System, and is often effected by cosmic waves and rays from the outer limits of space. It's the blueprint of the Solar System in tandem with the Galaxy and Universal blueprints to function in this way so all planetary bodies in our Solar System upgrade with the rest of the near Cosmos surrounding us. There is a definite transformation in Galactic energy created by the event of the past few days. We can see it as cosmic backtalk or a sign to those who have intuitive understanding to see it as Ol Sol sending this blast with vibes of Unconditional Love to help Earth and here people to move into this new Higher Consciousness Dimension......this photo taken only several days ago as this activity began was a profound statement that all the cosmos is ONE FIELD of UNIFIED EXPRESSION...

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