Saturday, August 20, 2016

8/8 and 8/17-18 Manifestations and Healings

Everyone seems to be exhausted from cosmic energies which are in process of transforming those who desire to do their ascension (raising frequency) work. the Lion Gate / Infinity Portal on 8/8 and this resent Eclipse Full Moon on 8/ 17&18 have been powerful influences on helping us release old energy blocks which were problem karmic imbalances... At the same time of Lion Gate there was another flush of energy towards manifestation of desires. In other words we got endings&beginnings all in one cosmic wave of energy. The suggestion was to write our manifested desires down and then
spend the next week ending the 20th today just relaxing into the knowing  " it is done". Well for all those wondering mine is to some degree possibly on the way to done as of this very morning.
#one desire is that adult son find a job to remove him from my him..but we are two very
different vibrations and mindsets and it's best we each being adult desiring our own lives be living in our own space...yes I want my life back and so does he his.
His work team member called with info on a new job so he sent his resume in via Internet and is hoping the job is all  the team member says it is. No idea where it is but he's praying it works out.

These are all very powerful energy days and by the 24th Mars will conjoin Saturn in Sagittarius and complete a T-square for healing our Karmic wounds form many past lives and multi-dimensional time lines.  Yes I remember one very important one in just this life from early childhood that connects to present day. I also remembered one from 1500's as Native American connected to this very same person. The karma was unrequited love and loss with much heart ache brought forth to this life with the same person and a very similar situation where we birthed at inappropriate times and bypassed the other even though knowing each other....The wound has surfaced, and is in the process of being healed and hopefully with Mars/Saturn's higher level of spiritual awareness the healing will complete itself with Self forgiveness on both sides. These are certainly heavy times...

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