Friday, April 7, 2017


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For some time my main home has been a dinky little site much like my hometown as it seemed fitting to be more earthy....Well that town the virtual one has been nothing like my physical one which is very caring and friendly for the most part. The virtual one has it's share of nice people but their is a group which controls the energetic vibration that is a page right out of Satan's book. They are all what others call evil ~~ I prefer to say they have been infiltrated by Dense Low Vibration Parasite forms of the 4th density. These parasite feed off low frequency as those of Light vibration feed of positive energy. These parasite create tweaks in thought or events to create negative dense energy for their food. For years we called this the Battle of Light & Dark or Good & Evil, not willingly recognizing that we are ALL THINGS and thus hold this Darkness within us as an energetic being just as we hold the Light within us....all things means all things.  This can be recognized more clearly when we also recognize that we project our inner vibration outward and it creates the visual in matched vibration as the reality we experience......   I've come to understand myself better and what I'm here to learn and correct to become more enlightened by using this Mirror of inner self reflection. Wow is it a hard sell sometimes to see where our own darkness and shadow self is as it stands next to the Light self. We are both and now I fully have how to play this Earth Game by understanding what was meant many years ago by my guide who said we must merge both polarity selves turn the black and the white to GRAY.
We are both the Light and Dark Angel who must use both polarity equally in unconditional love of all.  So I remained on this Dense Low Vibration hateful site home, but time has come to move and
locate at the edge of town as we must at this time resonate the frequency we wish to express as a reality. The level of vibration we are is the vibration we will experience and one can not exist in a dense vibration and expect not to become it.  Thus we will rent this space at the edge of hometown and see and experience  only remotely  by walking though and saying hello we can now remain more easily in the higher frequency called 5th Dimension which is not but rather 5th DENSITY on our way raising to the heights of this dimension to become 5thDimensional beings of Lightbody.....

There has been much confusion about this, and many working hard on ascension are struggling wondering why they aren't in 5th dimension......the climb has been in the Densities of many till we vibration a frequency that houses enough light to be Lightbody not Physical we are still in the 3th Dimension of the Physical and 4th Dimension of Time Width Depth....still rising releasing density of atoms till we become 5th Dimension Lightbeings. We humans are right on track so long as we remember to question everything, and not fall for the information shared by False Light Beings which are of very low frequency seeking to keep us in their emotional bondage...

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