Saturday, January 8, 2011

Birds Fish Reflection of Human Frequency

You create movements within your physical dimension, within your universe, that mirror what You are projecting.You think of these actions in the reverse. You look to certain movements that are occurring within your universe, and within your thought process you create a belief that that action is affecting of you. In actuality, the reverse is occurring. ELIAS

There are times I'd like to bang my head off the wall for being so dense, but then I know the reason is so I don't take this transformation of humanity so lightly that I allow my new beliefs to become common place until all have awakened to their TRUE Oneness. Once things become common we forget to relate the newness of them to others, so it's a good thing I'm still at times seeing this world from the old eyes of the human and not at first with new eyes of expanded consciousness.

What I refer to is the situation with the thousands of dead birds dropping from the sky and thousands of dead fish floating dead to shore. This type thing was predicted thousands of years ago, it is a sign of the times but it also has a physical scientific reason...The simple fact is we produce the energy frequency which create all our outer reality experiences. We do this as individual aspects of the whole and as a collective of the whole. Thus it is human thought and belief at this period creating an energy frequency which is creating a shift in the poles from our shifting perception of who we are. We are becoming an expanded version of the human this is evolution. It is the natural functioning cycle of this reality to expand, progress or evolve into more. At this particular period we have set into the consciousness which we are collectively that it's time to make big leaping changes in the way we express our outer experience. Now if this had happened a few hundred years ago it wouldn't of been as drastic, but all expands exponentially and what only ten years ago was 6Billion people is today nearly 7Billion strong and then makes a more rapid exponential transformation. Since we know all is energy inner-connected this means we the Aspects of the Original Source are changing the frequency of the consciousness which is us in leaps and bounds and this is being reflected outward into what we project as this our Earth in this Universe of reality.

Now here it must be said to remember you are not this solid you, You are in truth Essence projecting thought focused like a daydream on an experience.

So simply said we the human collective with all our different versions of reality and beliefs are creating a frequency as a collective which is effecting all that we project as our reality. So our churning variations in frequency are creating a churning of energy in the cosmic projects and a churning of energy in the base which our physical stands on that is reacting in the plates of the planet moving to adjust to be in harmonic balance with our projection. YES all must harmonize or it can not be a cohesive sustained projection of reality. There is nothing new in this idea of harmonics. Presently humanity is in a great divide of beliefs and this lacks the harmony for cohesiveness thus the planet is seeking her balance and this requires a shifting of the plates. When the plates shift the electromagnetic current changes and there is often a release of methane from deep within the belly of the planet...No different than our flatulence from eating in-cohesive foods that do not mix for ease of digestion. Thus the gasses released created a bubble which upon rising in areas of water had fish swim in it and die, and upon rising above the earth surface it rose to have flocks of birds fly through it. This is common and goes mostly un-noticed however presently these plates are doing more shifting from more in-cohesive energy of human frequency and are now notices as events.
Remember as above so below...all is ONE
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