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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Hell Landed Me In Heaven Just For Practice

Earlier shared this was the week from Hell..when it turned out to be just the opposite.

Through a maze of mishaps higher vibration was maintained with a positive attitude; under it was concern with every stride forward to solve the problems placed before me...,BUT THERE WAS NO FEAR. By end of week it was realized this was a Release of Old Fears that were under-surface and never in first place anything to fear, just thoughts that the outer world created as fear and An Illusion. As someone said:
"there is nothing to fear but fear itself!"

Higher Self helped me realize as the events were taking place that the outcome is determined by the Vibration of the thoughts I hold during the happening. So there were only thoughts to remedy without fear of what could of-would of.....That made the difference. In the end it was realize this is why we are resolving our past and releasing energetic fear blocks which no longer serve us. I can not think of one fear that serves a purpose, only situations that as a physical being may harm us if we allow them to..but this is not to be a fear only a knowing, like don't walk in front of moving trucks. Their is no need to allow emotion to paint a picture of an outcome, as it has not happened it is just a knowing for self protection. As with me, being aware of a very low tire I drove accordingly not assuming anything just concentrating on keeping control of the car. In the end the biggest concern of the tooth pulling made no sense as I've never had pain from tooth work, the local needle was the only discomfort. So how silly to emotionalize this would be painful. Logic says some discomfort after but not with pain medication. So this is it...

Our mind thinks emotion and that creates our fears when there is no reason to...even from past events doesn't mean the same will occur unless we mentally create it to from our emotions. Being aware of events doesn't need our emotionalizing something that has not happened, it only needs thought to attempt a remedy for it. 3D is labeled a Fear Base Reality as we emotionalize it to be such.

The whole reason for this day in Hell was to show me how my mind controls the outcome of what is experienced...and as we move closer to the final Shift in Consciousness and the veil that has hindered clarity of reality is further and further removed, the world around us may go into chaotic fear. We do not have to. Our reaction is a choice to fear with flight or fight..or realize we create the outcomes we are to experience when we seek what we desire to experience by not going into any level of fear........ I consider that day in hell the practice so I'm sure to find me in the peaceful joy of the 5D heaven higher frequency wave on Earth, which is soon to be experience with the new waves of energy that sets us in our Reality Vibration Match. This ascension is a process we upgrade into gradually at the level of consciousness we hold. So is it Fear or Love which keeps us in peaceful projections that determine the Level Vibration we ARE and then experience.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

How 3rd & 4th dimension Work Together ~~~A Need To Know

Many recently awakened to the Truth of Light are struggling just like us old awakened ones with the electromagnetic energy from Galactic Center and the Gateway energy...It's hard for all no matter where they are on the path of ascending in Vibration. So it's up to us well seasoned ones to remember when we can to share all that which we learned years ago. Yes much has and is changing but there are things which will not and there are things which will but not yet as long as we remain in this physical form. Even upon upgrading our crystalline form and taking in more light towards lightbody, there will be things that will not change until completion of this long evolutionary process and therefore we will be affected oft times in detrimental ways as all is not yet to perception ..... So the reminder about how dimensions work because the latest technology of 5G is aimed at keep human vibration where it is and under control. 3D and 4D have worked in unity since the beginning just as they also incorporate with the 1st and 2nd dimensions.

3D is linear Space & Time of all biological plants minerals creatures and humans. This is the physical 1st through 3rd dimension which can create physical solid matter.
4D is unseen energy's of thought emotion and feelings which humans feel as part of them. In this dimension the energetics can think and conjure all they want but they can not create beyond feelings. Thus 3rd and 4th dimension always work in tandem creating positive things which help humanity to evolve...However they also often work to create the destructive Self Serving things that levy the control over the masses in physical so they serve the 4D purpose.

(when divine energy passes from 5D into 4D it hits and divides into polarity. This is where the Polarity range of energy infiltrates all things from 4th down though 1st dimension.) This is where the idea of the Battle of Good and Evil derived...there is neither they are just two extremes of energy Good=service to others and Evil=service to self, not really evil just an opposing agenda to the other. Their as as many masters, angels, and good entities in 4Da as their are those we perceive as bad. As the 4D plans which are unseen can be infiltrated into physical through emotional feeling of 3D physical humans or other matter. To understand our emotion and feels we perceive as part of our human body, we must become fully aware of all our feelings. Presently we never have as we tend to forget, hide bad from ourselves remembering only good and they become the blocks of illness, or we create addiction and evil acts that were implanted within as our emotional feelings...

We are and always have been 3rd and 4th dimensional expressions. So it is the 4D entities have taken to being FOOLERS toward human 3D to get them to express the emotion the 4D whats created. In the end it's all just about survival as 4D needs 3D to activate it's Life Force.

Once we fully become the 5D vibration frequency this will no longer exist as 5D is Unconditional Love of All for the Greater Good. 4D is feeling threatened of this as it appears to be an instillation of the self serving end of that polarity. It will be no problem for the service to others entities as this is their present loving service to 3D humanity...

Understanding this and knowing 5G was created by service to self 4D to use to keep 3D humans in their service as slaves to them, we humans will know to avoid as much Smart Technology as we can be infiltrated kept in the lower frequency to serve 4D use.
*avoid Smart Devices what you can this includes computers TV and microwaves.
*Earth often to help attune in balance with Gaia
*Avoid addictive substances and medicating drugs
*Avoid Fast Food and GMO or all prepared food not Organic
*Learn natural energy self healing and use mainstream doctors only for diagnosis or necessary life saving surgery.
*Do natural internal and external cleanses regularly

When you Learn to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY you will know these things are needed...Remembering you are the one that does the creating even of the physical body, and the thoughts and feelings you have are received from 4D .. discern which end of the polarity they come from.

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Portals Opening Promise An Interesting Holiday Season

We're moving into some powerful energies at the end of this year. It is ever so important that with all the socializing we give ourselves the personal attention needed as we are, like it or not, all in a delicate condition with the transformation of DNA as our awareness and perception become more attuned to the Consciousness of higher vibration waves. Portals opening will shower on us new codes and energy expanding our light within if we open willingly to releasing the old and accept the new. Oft times I've found this hard as humans are programmed to our emotional formats and this release carries the loss of what those emotions hold; but once released the peace which takes over shows us a far greater inner joy and multiplies the light we radiate which helps awaken those around us ~~ so fears were for naught as the very thing feared is removed by our acceptance.

This holiday season is sure to be interesting as we will view the many changes and levels of awareness within those we are so familiar with in family and friend gathered. This is the first holiday that will awaken us to views of the Multidimensionality of our new higher frequency dimension and it's various realities. During the weeks leading up to this venture is the time for us to care for ourselves, find stability within our own frequency, as we leave judgement and old beliefs behind for a new reality. We too are still in that space of choosing which reality is the one we fully desire to experience as we move forward...and those choices are many as we merge aspect of ourselves to become the greater us.

Each of us is on our own path our own level of awareness and each is beginning to experience the expression of this, thus we will most likely view much we are not in harmony with....Just accept! it is who each is and we are all moving toward our polarity compliment at our own pace with many choices that will change us over the coming period. Tomorrow no one will be who they were today. You can not awaken anyone, each opens when their vibration wave can attune to the music on it's own. Your unconditional loving acceptance is all you need bring to the table to celebrate and if there is a hunger for it others will partake. This holiday season upon us is about sharing LOVE and that begins with us.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Energy Moving Through The End of 2017

Between post of spiritual guides and the complex energy radiating from the Galactic Center and our Sun this process of upgrading our vibration for ascending to higher frequency consciousness becomes totally overwhelming..It is no less so the further we move into this process. It will not be in the twinkling of an eye as we are now seeing, it is a gradual on going process of physical form becoming the energetic of the next Higher Dimension Wave. 2017 has been an epic year and as of December 19 when Saturn enters Capricorn it will open the door to yet the next level of upgrade were we can begin to walk the major path of the next phase.

Saturn is the psychic process leading us to self discipline of where structure lays in society as well as our persona. Capricorn it's home represents the struggle of two steps forward and one backward for us to reach the acme of desire at the top of our mountain. There's nothing harsh, dark or malefic about Saturn or his home, they are just goal oriented, determined and will keep pushing the way past road blocks to reach a destination. In his own house Saturn is dignified, ambitious, and about purity of achievement and authority. It is going to gift us with the power to achieve our goals as a species, no matter how hard the road we must travel to get us there is as we lift ourselves from the 3D illusions created in false belief systems. With Saturn in Capricorn there is no better indicator that mankind will Ascend through pure will!

We are not going to have it easy this holiday season as Mercury will be Retrograde placing us in reconsidering choices purchases socializing and our very attitude and beliefs of the season. So be prepared to take lots of Deep Breaths and count to a hundred not just ten, till the fog Mercury creates clears for us to clearly see the way we choose to move forward.
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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Viewing Earths 5D Transition

While watching a video Earthkeeper Jim Tybron Seminar received the message a Quartz Crystal should be place outside to connect energy to the Crystal Mines in Arkansas & Pennsylvania deposits mile form my home. Today was the day using a pendulum to find which Crystal..not the one assumed which the huge 50lb er, a much smaller one placed at the mouth of the waterfall in The Transmutation Pond which has been defunct all summer. Those who were with me on Multiply may remember reading about this pond our family built years ago as a swimming pool for my daughter with Lupus to cool off in, everyone who knew her as validate she was an angel. It's concrete with two foot of stone cap so it fit into the wooded landscape as a natural pond. Years later when the nest emptied turned it into a Double Fantail Goldfish Pond with Water Lily's, it was also set up at the request of Spirit Guides as a Transmutation Source of Dense Polar Energy, which was needed with tenants in/out. Worked fantastic drawing all Density to it, transmuting it back into the aethers.

Son returned 12yrs ago and about 5yrs ago the pond began to collapse not drawing density as it once did. Two reasons: #1 Spiritual Unseen view reality was beginning to collapse with the Shift of Consciousness on the planet Mother Earth was ascending.
#2 Physical 3D view sons attitude of Density kept it over activated till it just began to collapse and the physical expression was quite evident with dense lifestyle attitude. This is how the Unseen and Seen Energy works, it can be viewed by those who see beyond the Human Visual Light Spectrum. All events take place in both as one at the same time, it just depends who can see which vibration of light as to how we relate to it. All is one unified in the same moment.

Son tried to save the pond, but his energy and attitude just became worse and I realized the Pond ceased function totally end 2015. The energetic view was failure to remove and transmute~~~physical view was behavior events involving problematic people of Dense Polarity. By 2017 nothing was done to it and one day there was a Blue Heron on the edge fishing. He was seen only twice, after the first time I set up ultrasound and a logs. Three days later there was not one bright orange Goldfish left, not one of the 20 or so 10" guys out over 60+, not even the 1" Black Babies which could in no way be seen through the dark water.. This was the clue it was an event connected to 3D collapse and the eliminating of all that no longer serves in 5D. Guidance instructed me to allow it to rest and heal.

So today it has healed and was connected to the energy of Mother Earth Crystal Mines in Arkansas and formations in the boulders of the rock river slide in Pennsylvania. This is an energy source to help Earth ascend Vibration to become a Galactic Higher Consciousness 5th dimension planet with unified connection around her globe.
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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

DNA and a Multidimensional 5D Reality

Been a long time but things are happening so fast it's a good time for all of us to share experiences as we climb the mountain of ascension into higher vibration frequency. Each week we sustain new energy from the universe sending new codes to open our DNA to expansion, and it is our DNA in the physical that is taking us from the 3D 4D dimension to the higher 5D dimension of new Multi-dimensionality. This sound simply but is so new it's hard to know exactly what it is and how to apply it...Our minds just didn't get programed to this, but it is holding two dimensional realities at the same time. Once we get the hang of it I hear it's an easy one to master as most evolved higher frequency dimensional being do this...It is how they are able to be of one frequency and visit another or deliver messages to low frequency dimensions such as 3rd or 4th Earth beings...

The idea of receiving new DNA codes to actually activate human existing DNA with new codes. No one else can do this for you as the coded energy is required from the universe, at best healers actually do is heal or mend broken strands of DNA or remove blockages from them. Also when DNA is activated it must, it will, have an effect on all twelve strands like a ripple effect. Why well simply cause DNA is Multidimensional also. I was sent to a book I'd studied when we first began clearing our energy bodies of blocks. This contained the perfect explanation of multi-dimensional perception and one we can all understand.

Multidimensional activity is like "" SOUP "" with a wonderful flavor...but you can't remove the flavor to give it to someone as the flavor is a melody of meat broth, meat, spices, vegetables. Together they all merge into the flavor, removing one ingredient and it then changes the flavor... DNA works like this, you can't remove one strand and have the other eleven work. It takes the entire twelve strands complimenting each other to have the whole work. This makes it mulit-dimensional as it connect then all dimensions in physical seen through all the higher unseen to Source. So you as a construct are the same DNA format from 3rd dimension to the 9th dimension as even in higher frequency unseen forms you still carry form...Beyond this you are Source Essence. We in 3rd Dimension are the same us with higher consciousness awareness in all 9 dimensions and as we raise frequency we can stretch our energy to connect back down though the lower dimensions if we keep our frequency flavors melded in Oneness.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Schumann Resonance

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Friday, April 7, 2017


Comments are always appreciated and love the idea of discussion. Thank You for being here

For some time my main home has been a dinky little site much like my hometown as it seemed fitting to be more earthy....Well that town the virtual one has been nothing like my physical one which is very caring and friendly for the most part. The virtual one has it's share of nice people but their is a group which controls the energetic vibration that is a page right out of Satan's book. They are all what others call evil ~~ I prefer to say they have been infiltrated by Dense Low Vibration Parasite forms of the 4th density. These parasite feed off low frequency as those of Light vibration feed of positive energy. These parasite create tweaks in thought or events to create negative dense energy for their food. For years we called this the Battle of Light & Dark or Good & Evil, not willingly recognizing that we are ALL THINGS and thus hold this Darkness within us as an energetic being just as we hold the Light within us....all things means all things.  This can be recognized more clearly when we also recognize that we project our inner vibration outward and it creates the visual in matched vibration as the reality we experience......   I've come to understand myself better and what I'm here to learn and correct to become more enlightened by using this Mirror of inner self reflection. Wow is it a hard sell sometimes to see where our own darkness and shadow self is as it stands next to the Light self. We are both and now I fully have how to play this Earth Game by understanding what was meant many years ago by my guide who said we must merge both polarity selves turn the black and the white to GRAY.
We are both the Light and Dark Angel who must use both polarity equally in unconditional love of all.  So I remained on this Dense Low Vibration hateful site home, but time has come to move and
locate at the edge of town as we must at this time resonate the frequency we wish to express as a reality. The level of vibration we are is the vibration we will experience and one can not exist in a dense vibration and expect not to become it.  Thus we will rent this space at the edge of hometown and see and experience  only remotely  by walking though and saying hello we can now remain more easily in the higher frequency called 5th Dimension which is not but rather 5th DENSITY on our way raising to the heights of this dimension to become 5thDimensional beings of Lightbody.....

There has been much confusion about this, and many working hard on ascension are struggling wondering why they aren't in 5th dimension......the climb has been in the Densities of many till we vibration a frequency that houses enough light to be Lightbody not Physical we are still in the 3th Dimension of the Physical and 4th Dimension of Time Width Depth....still rising releasing density of atoms till we become 5th Dimension Lightbeings. We humans are right on track so long as we remember to question everything, and not fall for the information shared by False Light Beings which are of very low frequency seeking to keep us in their emotional bondage...