Saturday, November 21, 2015

Twin Flame Basics

Recently there is a newly known situation with souls mainly due to connections on the internet, but it's existed for centuries and is coming full circle in the time of this earthly upgrade....For years souls were known only to manifest in human form as one human per soul, twin flames in which one remained with soul one incarnated. For the fullness of the Earth game which is duality, they eventually became separated becoming two distinct humans, one masculine (yang) and the other feminine (yin). Both of these as exact equal in opposite frequency intonation are a perfect tonal Polarity. As humans they are Polar Opposites in personality expression with the intention to unify and create a Twin Flame Sacred Union transcending all limited forms of relating on Earth in 3rd dimension and acting with complimentary differences. Where normal 3D union is quite limited being focused on ego. Enlightened Twin Flames meet in reunion to be in absolute service to Divine Plane which becomes the only reality for the Twins. This is why unless fully mastering egoic thinking the union becomes a hellish experience with runner and chaser of mismatches. It's said opposites attract but not for long and in the case of Twins they must find their complimentary frequency to make it work. 

 Sacred reunions are a unified field accessing higher frequencies of oneness as a bridge to the higher dimensions. They function as a single consciousness of One Soul in vibration frequency. My personal channeled contact with Mary Magdalene and Yeshua (Jesus) clarified they were a Twin Flame Sacred Union with a single purpose. Sadly today it is ever harder for Twins to union as society distracts us with it's many facets and the never ending circle of modern day living. There is less concentration of emotion and feeling and more on outer world stimulation so the attraction between the Twins is set aside due to lack of common energy and interest. We tend to want it easy in relationships without working toward a Complimentary Divine Sacred Union of One.

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