Monday, February 7, 2011

SHIFT Happenings February to October 2011

OF THE END OF THE SHIFT a poignant time for humanity. In the book Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness Carl Callleman PhD described the way in which humanities consciousness evolved over centuries, using this ancient calendar the way he saw the Mayan people use it in their day. This calendar is intuitive based on the 26,000 year cycle of cosmic transits with nine steps called Underworlds that are constructed like the steps of a pyramid. Each represents a Consciousness level of human enlightenment. Last period ran from 1/1999 to 1/2011, we've spent 12.8 years in what was called the Galactic Consciousness in which our awareness as cosmic beings expanded 20 X's faster then the one before it, and there are now many more sightings of ET's and space craft. The home computer became more common to where it's not just in every home and office, but every person has their own including children. Telecommunications has become our way of life and it's the rare person who doesn't have a device to ear or in both hands texting. These mini boxes are now equipped with applications for anything one can think of needing in life being lived via them.The trip to school, bank, library, office, store are nearly obsoleted as most can be accomplished via PC or a text message, and not just adults have them but elementary school age children have adapted this way of socializing. Telepathy has also been on the rise, even though less exploited, via our many syncs shared. Calleman described we would, transcend the material framework of life and thus we have. Here is also were science came to recognize all is construct of the same Unified Field of unseen energy, and spirituality saw itself as the 'spirit having a human experience', with it science and spirituality have merges their boundaries. People are beginning to see how they create their life experience via their inner frequency as they recognize all is energy unified. It was during this period internationally we suffered 9/11/01 and the world began reaching out to itself in all dilemmas and suffering from natures destruction's, as feeling the others pain we became more unified and intelligent people recognize it is not a nation of people who harm but rather those who control through their government. Today we can look back on what was written as having become, as what Calleman described came to pass.

We are moving into even more trying times and by knowing he was right on in the last 12.8 year cycle, we can confidently apply our own intuition to what he relates about the up coming cycle. Each cycle become shorter and consciousness progressing 20 X's faster than the cycle before it means this one is 260 days long. This runs February 2011 to October 2011 yes a slim time frame of 8 months. This is a wow as we all felt the speed up of time in the last one and have since become regulated to it. What are we in for with this one? Guess we can only say Hang On for we'll be speeding through life at what feels like the speed of light. This is the Ninth or last level on the pyramid called Universal Consciousness. One can only imagine what wonders the universe will bring our way. Calleman describes it to be a expansion Cosmic Consciousness. There have already been rumblings in the science community of viewing the center of the big bang. He further says we will experience timelessness and not limit to thoughts, with no organizing boundaries. Wala this is already in only a few days becoming. February 2011 Egypt's Children of the Shift have demonstrated they want their freedom with the limitations and restrictions placed upon them by their government removed. They are moving without leaders unifying via the telepathic mind and other nations are beginning to following their lead. It is a movement as fast as the speed of light taking hold of our world. In case you didn't catch the timing this period runs to 10/2011 and the Egyptian election is 9/2011, interesting to see how this will be revised in the hands of the people for self governing who are leading this movement for the world.

Calleman describe in further detail, how our limiting thought will disappear as we come to know all things are possible via the frequency we resonate in our beliefs and thoughts. There will be no boundaries in though or limits in the physical as we become self governed in our daily lives through raising our own personal ethics level of intention. This will come about via the recognition our divinity as One and what we do effecting all others of our Unified Field.This paradox is not easily resolved by those still functioning from the Ego of duality. Thus for those resisting there will come great stress by being out of harmony with the new flowing frequency. For ego is not consistent with the unity field. For those in the flow judgment will vanish becoming Acceptance of all as an aspect of Unified Oneness brings about a cooperative harmony and dualist references are no longer a concept. Being fully immersed in Unity without the dualist mind we will then begin to creating our new reality. This period is short it will be filled with turmoil as we undo centuries of duality thinking turning into unity. Once the ground work is established advanced technologies will take their rightful place in society as tools of service, not tools of domination. The old monarchy rule and democracy will begin to diminish as humanity moves more toward self regulation, as we step to the very top of the pyramid to become true citizens of the Universal Consciousness and begin the construct of our new reality experience as the Expanded Human.

P.S. When describing this as the Beginning of the end of the shift ...It means this is the last phase and with it the completion of the support systems that will be the building blocks of what's to come.


Anonymous said...

universal mind concept has been around for awhile as well as the unity theory. Even in Christian faith there is a unifying factor as all the Lord's children ae brought into one harmony awaiting his return.

aKuna Kumara said...

Thanks for your comment Anonymous I'm aware this is not new and also well aware much of humanity has not chosen to hear it when it has been based in religions. It's been shared in a different ways within all cultures of humanity so as to turn the keys of all minds. Christianity is but one of many human belief system (one I was raised in) but not all adhere to the same dogma beliefs so it's shared in many forms so all who are Equal in the heart of the 'Source of All That Is' may hear to accept this as unbiased truth for themselves. WE are all One.