Sunday, February 6, 2011

We Entered the Universal Consciousness

Gota thank Alice and Sea for bringing the Mayan Calendar to my mind. Having studied it, followed it for a bit but that became confusing cause main stream doesn't use it . Stillwandering is going to love this one cause she is all for Facebook and it's rapid uncluttered method of keeping in touch, when so many of us, self included, poopoo it's use. I'm using it, but still prefer this blog method myself, but never let it be said this old gal didn't keep up with the times. I'm going to try and explain what just happened with this massive energy shift. The explanation lays in the Mayan Calendar as to what Egypt has done. This calendar looks like steps up a Pyramid, there are Nine to the top and each is called an Underworld in which human Consciousness is seen to expand 20 X's faster than the Underworld that went before it. During the Eighth Galactic Underworld human consciousness speed up, we all felt it, via use of telepathy as well as telecommunications and time. This period lasted for 12.8 years, counting back it began January1999. What were you doing then? I had several Mom&Pop stores and just put us on the internet with websites and as eBay sellers the end of 1998. Became PC self-taught, traveled to buyer shows staying connected on the Cell Phone. Today the cell phone and old style computer are obsolete with all these new wireless electronics. I'm not into them as you have be able to see them first with their tiny screens and keyboards. These ol eye and hands just don't manage the micro down-sizing any better than the bod fits into clothes with these new skimpy material sizes being constructed by tiny people across oceans. Humanities step in consciousness up the Galactic Underworld lasted 12.8 years, 1/1999 till 2/2011 when we took the last step up the calendar this February to the Consciousness of the Universal Underworld in which time will speed up again spiritually increasing 20 X's from the previous cycle. This occurred at the same time Egypt's Children of the Shift demanded their suppression and limitations be lifted. What took 12.8 years to accomplish in Consciousness growth will now only take 260 days.

Silly you, you thought things were moving faster in the last cycle, well honey hang on. Not to your hat but the rail cause we're gona be flying faster that the speed of light with consciousness transformation, to what is ironically called the Lightbody. Ya it's only gona take 260 days to do what use to taken us 12.8 years to do.

Most aren't in to long blogs (time speed) so will end here. Next blog will explain Consciousness expansion which is about to take place during the Universal Underworld; this cycle we just entered February 2011 will only last till October 2011. During this time humanity will raise it's consciousness 20 X's faster that it has since 1999.

Our heads will be spinning, and there is noway anyone, I said ANYONE, will escape it. Even those in denial resisting anything is occurring will be spinning. The difference between them and those accepting Consciousness expansion will be their level of sanity and stress. Go with the flow and you'll reach the shore, fight the current and you can drown in your own tub so to speak. That's next blog, it important and this Universal Underworld deserves our fullest attention as this is what it's all about. This is why we came here at this time. This is what we can view as the

It is the Ninth and last step on the 26,000 year Mayan Long Count Calender to 12/21/2012.

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