Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Bigger Picture of Japanese Events

Got to thinking after hearing questions from someone about the earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan .....Realized many may not see the picture as I do...
What I see is ourselves as essence having thoughts like daydreams that become our reality (the reality of our human selves in the moment) in this process of dreaming we created both a collective and individual overlay of the dream so we can experience inner-action.
The collective part is a solid surface Earth and the cosmic field, all being consciousness it is all living beings, even though different from the living being we became....Mother earth is a living being so she too inner-acts with all the other consciousness just as we do..
The energy the sun is putting out is mankind's projected inner energy that seeks's like the violence we sane ones never express and the anger and rage we have with ourselves for the pain we experience by having veiled ourselves from our own truth... We are releasing this within us so we can create a Shift to upgrade to more awareness of who we are and then express ourselves in a new reality experience. This then is being expressed in the sun as our projection and it's felt by us and changes our DNA to activate much of what has been dormant and felt my the planet and changes her inner structures. In Earth it results as a plate shift or expansion of plates creating earthquakes, in humans it results in a plate shift too in our skulls.....If you've ever had Cranial Sacral work done you know how that plate shift helps.......come to think of it ya that's exactly what I need again. It relieves the pressure from the skull not quite expanding with energy expansion as consciousness expands within us.
As Above ~ So Below should read: 
AS BELOW ~ SO ABOVE cause it is we the soul selves creating the projection of this reality dream where our inner self is reflected as the outer world..
The video below about the earths expansion over the eons  from when she was birthed show this...It is from the earth human perspective but this is what is happening to expand consciousness as a whole and why we project Earth events to create it happening at this time all then being the As Below ~ So Above projection.

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