Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mixing a Batch of Good Vibration

They say proof is in the pudding, this has certainly been proved lately. The tenant who just vacated had only been here 1 1/2 years (probably the shortest run ever) A good tenant in that he was quiet with no ado. He had several cats, worked a lot till the past 6monthsw when I began working with him on the rent and allowed him to use the security for the last month. About two weeks ago began to smell and see a reason why I shouldn't have cut my own throat cause he admitted the cats peed in one closet (cat pee is impossible to get rid of) and in the doorway of another room and the hall they had ripped at the carpet leavmg a bear hole in the entry way. Now one built on the other as with the smell I began thinking negatively about my gesture to help ease the rent burden. THEN stopped! remembering we always create our reality according to the vibration we express from with. Thus, I chose to relax and visualize all turning out as clean as he had received it..I allowed him his slow exit and only called last Friday to asked him to leave the key with me and try to be out by mid week (last day of the month being Thursday) So yesterday he was out completely and the place is the best it's ever been after any tenant. Best of all the closet where there is odor of cat is not so bad that I think with the Odor Remover for hunting clothes it will be out after carpet cleaning, and the area devoid of carpet can be with a piece of the same which I found I'd used in kitchen pantry. All in all a real wow of an experience cause things were much worse when I was thinking and projecting the worse with a negative attitude. Shows how when we create the right vibration and then simply trust it to the universal energy to come and produce more of that it does work with total ease.

This is a real blessing cause I really am not in to rushing a renovation again on this apartment. The good vibes paid off cause it's clean and with a few simple repairs, fresh paint (every tenant deserves a fresh clean place) and carpet shampoo it will be ready to advertise for rent.. What a blessing and so goes it for practicing what I preach and validating it.So I'll be putting my crone hat on for the next coupe weeks and cooking up some more new good energy for the next right tenant as I clean and ready the place to be offered full of LOVE for them.

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