Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Body Consciousness Programs

When we had the jewelry/antique store one of our gem dealer was an amazing 80+yr old European lady who was French, lived in Germany, had a partner who was Italian living in Spain, and spoke 9 languages fluent enough to converse in each. A tiny thing she flitted through life happily same way she flitted through countries as if they were all her home. Amazing to me a Nester doing no travel. She made yearly buying and selling trips to the U.S. on her way to the Arizona Gem Show. Arriving in New York, friends who she rented a room from during her stays, picked her up in her tinkers special kept stored in their garage. One particular year she was late in the season on arriving so dropped her bags, said goodbye and drove her junker 5days cross country buying and selling her way as she went to provide cash for the show. From all appearances she did her lifestyle on a wing and a prayer knowing the universe would always provide what was needed when needed. Buying and selling was her passion or maybe addiction, because she was always hard pressed to make great deals for money to make her next buy and even buy her ticket home. She was a delight, living her life in freedom not being tied to possessions easily liquidated She said this was the difference in attitude of Europeans and Americans. Americans are into their stuff and place value on owning property which is not easily liquidated and an illusion to begin with. Today woke thinking of Helen, perhaps having met her in the dream state or as another aspect of self. Seems her message was to let go, live, fly with the wind, enjoy this experience by being rid of the up-tight life style strapped to stuff that is never really ours. We are duped into the illusion of that and spend our lives paying someone tax dollars for allowing us to live this illusion. What idiot first thought they had to pay someone for exchanging the give and take of life force in the first place. I guess this the Native American of past lives in me and memory of living upon this very land in free exchange. I hear what is said, and realize this is not possible in today's society, but it is possible to let go of the beliefs which hold us to societies standards. Maybe this just came about since yesterday I wrote out one of those large local tax checks again?? Anyway it is yet another area in which beliefs will be changing in the new Cycle, and in some way will effect my own beliefs and how I must not [so much let go of the land] but let go of the attachment to it. To some degree I already did years ago by exchanging my privacy for tenant income to pay these taxes. The odd thing is the whole concept of someone charging Tax to occupy is an illusion of rights at both ends. I've always thought myself the keeper or caretaker, not the owner, but realize now how Collective Mind has infiltrated the deeper beliefs which I hold as part of my Body Consciousness. This realization comes again via the catalyst Oneson who doesn't honor me as the one holding position to set rules...This position being an illusion again created from deeper beliefs held in Cellular Memory Body Consciousness programed via the Collective Mind attitude of ownership and not stewardship of the land. I've got some vast transforming of attitudes to do with altering my perception to be carried into the Collective Mind as we enter into this new Cycle programing our Higher Frequency paradigm.

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