Thursday, April 28, 2011

Turning Chaos Into Harmony

How do you view the outer expression your life?
Progressively over the past months my thinking has changed from just noticing events, to relating all outer experience back to being the frequency within me which created the experience. This is now my first realization. Thus larger trauma has calmed to small annoying tests designed as practice to keep me conscious of holding my own highest frequency against that which would compromise it. It's like choosing to overlook the cold snow to see how sentual the warming open fire is,. OR Like yesterday which turned hot and humid, I was nodding off after hard yard work when Oneson phoned asking for a pickup from work as boss couldn't bring him home. Mornings are cool so with the first humid 80's of the year turned on car air which would blow only taped air. An annoying gift that it should be noticed not working before we had a long trip in hotter weather. Called for a fix when dealership opened today, planning 8:30 appointment tomorrow after dropping Oneson off as it puts me half way there, my thinking also wrapped around avoiding today's possible sever storms. This carries little importance it's minor in itself, but merged with thoughts and syncs it becomes a major point for how we hold our highest frequency in the face of that which would tend to drag it down. Other thoughts which correspond are this months AARP article on Co-housing of various age individuals with the basic idea being to create a small community using wisdom of elders and physical ability of youth to unite in compatible interests and beliefs of harmonic frequency. This took my attention since this past month we lost a tenant and will soon be seeking replacement energy as part of our Pocket of Light Energy. Frequency of individuals is prime, as it's our beliefs and thoughts which determine the inner frequency which we execute as outer life. New Agers for some time have known this is behind their eliminating incompatible frequency beings from their relationships, jobs, and groups, so they can better hold their own inner frequency. Thus my experience has been, as Spirit called it, my Armagheddon, in having the patience to allow Oneson's frequency transformation in it's own time, to resonate harmonically with the community we are establishing here should it be his desire to be part of it. This at any rate is my outer experience and can only be created from the resonance of my inner frequency. Seeing it this way I realize the entire experience with son, air conditioning and potential tenant are all me expressing my inner beliefs and thoughts. Even what has often seemed like Hell was My inner battle of transforming my Cellular Memory of Body Consciousness reflected through outer action. No reason we should have ever assumed transforming centuries of deeply embedded beliefs from being victims of fate to creators of our reality would be easy. The expressions of what occurs as our outer life is indication of how we are doing with meeting the harmony of the new cycle energy, be they horrific earth events or minor personal tradagy or the little things in life it is all who we are as our Body Consciousness expressed in physical.
(another test Oneson just phoned as I was typing, tornado warning coming at me..turned TV on as the rain and wind pick up but held no vision of anything but rain..It maybe passed over head or missed me by inches~ animals know Kodie got nervous and started to look to run away~~~my energy remaind constant and he calmed= that is all it was heavy blast of rain)

So things working according to being the expression of inner resonance. The car air fix will be fine waiting till Monday a.m. we noticed it before it became a problem. On rising today I checked the temperature outside to be greeted eye to eye at the glass door by a Humming Bird. Ya they are 2days early, they always return home in May and expect the kitchen to be open and running. So rushed to make up food and hung feeders outside the window before they have to ask a second time. What a lovely thought to realize this is my inner frequency carrying such beautiful expressions of Nature, so well timed and harmonically attuned to the surrounding energies. Oneson and I are living more peacefully in tune. and I'm sensing how all is in harmony and will remain so with whatever resonance I AM within at any given moment which creates the expression of experience to come.. Understanding the chaos of this spiraling cycle creates it's own harmonic of peace once we resonate in the tones of this new cycle .

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