Monday, May 30, 2011

Knowing How to Create Real Freedon

Many of you've heard me say my life creed is:
"We all have the right to do live as we choose, provided we don't infringe on the rights of others to do the same."
This passion to rebel is getting out of hand and lacks common sense, you simply don't infringe on the rights of others to invoke your rights.. (here I'm talking about this hoopla at the Jefferson Memorial in D.C. with dancers who forget we all have rights including those there want to actually view the monument) Who am I to talk about rebelling..=I'm an original rebel, rebelling peacefully by doing my own thing and not inflicting my will on those around me for all my 69 years.. Some demonstrations only seem necessary, when you have allowed yourself to be ruled by that which you don't want and this is mostly because you've falling into a trap of the lifestyle those in control program you for. I'm into Peace.Total Peace and there are ways to get that if your truly committed to living your desire. Don't even think of telling me this isn't possible cause I've lived it my entire life time.

For instance I don't use products laced with chemicals. It's that simple. I don't feel government or individuals have a right to feed or force products on me containing harmful toxins..BUT don't go demonstrate or sign petitions etc, no I simply buy products that don't contain these things. This is called freedom to choose!
This is knowing how to appropriately apply real freedom. Demonstration is unnecessary if all those against something would practice this real freedom by abstaining from what they don't want. You simply don't do what you don't want. I can here you saying it's not possible...
IT certainly is if your willing to take responsibility for what you desire. They can put all the toxins in things they want, I eat organic and use natural products, if not available I steam clean or use vinigar. I'm also opposed to Uncle Sam sticking his nose in my life, so keep a low profile under the radar. This doesn't mean I'm not on record cause I have Social Security number, drive, pay taxes, just go unnoticed paying cash or using money orders unless a check or credit card is required, drive the speed limit, obey laws and am not a joiner, even watch what I do on the web is tempered. I'm not doing any wrong I just feel I've a right to privacy.

If all those people who protest stopped falling into the hands of those controlling them, by unobtrusively doing their own thing instead of rebelling against what they don't want, they'd force change peacefully to their issue. We are all free to do as we choose, if no one bought toxic products the company would changes the product offered. You say jobs ~ what about all the people demonstrating because of their jobs or lack of. Quit if your not satisfied or create your own job. You don't need to stay someplace if you don't agree with policy. It's called taking responsibility
for yourself . Create your own job. Oh yes you can IF you take want to take responsibility. This means in any country...there is no need for money if you can barter or trade services to meet your needs, this even applies to housing..a tenant mows lawn to keep rent within budget, my daughter grooms horses to pay for her horse board. Son works at his bosses home every few months in exchange for transportation to work cause he doesn't drive,amd lives here free in exchange for maintence, Many years ago I had apartments installed by allowing someone to live free in exchange for the construction while I lived free in a cottage in exchanging my horse breeding experience a few hours a day while I went to real estate school and the appartments were being done. It works when people take Real Responsibility for doing their own lives and they don't have to petition or demonstrate or riot to Peacefully get change when the desire. I don't like
taxes and get nearly nothing locally, so I worked my taxes to where I am
in Zero tax bracket every other year or so.
As Abraham and Elias tell us ~ create our reality BY LIVING AS IF IT WERE then it becomes. This is don't by expressing what you want not giving energy to what you don't want by demonstrating or petitioning against it.

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