Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Meet the Path-Pavers

Someone said "you sure keep busy thinking a lot of crap". OK>..if that's what you think it's your right to that perception, but laying down the format for becoming the New Super Human Species to me isn't exactly crap. On rising this morning began thinking how privileged we are to have incarnated at this period on the time line. Then wondered if setting it my heart now I will be able to focus on an incarnation manifestation at a period when all the transformations have come to pass, then really enjoy what I've created. No this isn't Time Travel I'm thinking of, TT is were this me moves my physical mind into someplace different on the time line. What I'm speaking of is living a manifested incarnation as a different being with all these super human traits as part of my physical matter body. Somehow I sense I was party to writing up the plan then setting down as a blueprint for our physical, I've sensed living as many expression levels of it, now I desire to experience an advanced expression of this human structure by focusing myself into being a human in some advanced time line, I don't care if I'm male or female so long as I can in my physical perception be aware of experiencing ~this me & that me~ to enjoy the comparison of having created it. This crap as some call it, of learning to let go disengaging from emotionalism, learning to think from the heart and not the mind, learning to see me as an aspect of the whole and consciously master beliefs and thought traveling the neural paths of my physical mind to determine what I experience as my cellular genetic reality of well being or health, to me is profoundly interesting crap to busy myself with.

See that's what all this stuff that is occurring in our world is about. It's a point when we the human consciousness as a collective are transforming the reality we as a whole experience. In order to transform or change the reality experience we humans are having, the old reality must collapse so the new reality can be constructed. It's not the end of the world only the end of the world as we have known it. For a long time I've avoided and objected to those who spend their time thinking and thus creating the doom and gloom events in our world. Then realized this is the collapsing of the old reality, and it is the role they chosen at this time to be a Demolition-doomsayer just as I've chosen to be a Bridge-builder . We are both Bridge-builders simply working on different crews. Realize how my task of letting go to transform me being a People-pleaser has brought me to see the dual role here as a Path-paver. Again we are seeing the Polarity or physical/spiritual and how it is becoming Polarized so we can move to the center point of the see-saw of polarity oppositions. This is another wow moment in realization a true epiphany once again and shows me that when we get to a certain resonance we don't need to be concerned about that doom and gloom thinking becoming part of your frequency by Law of Attraction because we are moving/vibrating faster than it can more toward us and attachment is not possible at the balance point. If you've ever watched how a bridge-builder builds a bridge they start at each end and work toward the middle to meet at the center point of balance which we also call zero-point. This is were the Path-pavers who have been doing the demolition and the builders meet having created the new creation.

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