Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm Being Schooled At Midnight

I feel's in the air and I caught the bug. Rebellion may actually be anger towards those who are rebelling when they are creating their own problems with their own attitudes. I'm angry about the ignorant US politicians still bickering while our government is shutting down doing the business we hired them to do for us and we are without jobs. It's also at individuals too. Thousands turned their heads on real issues which deeply effect their well-being choosing to have more concern over possibility no football this year, when their are thousands out of work, going hungry and if we took the price of one admission ticket to a game we could help feed one child in this country all summer who is not getting that one proper meal a day by not being in school. To me this blindness is unforgivable.

Now my neighbor is really poor trying to live on limited social security, she can't afford a car or insurance, but gets rides from others when needed and picks up odd jobs helping others or doing yard work and she's in her 70's. Yesterday took her to bank and store, for the first time saw with her lacking funds how she bought junk food. She inherited her trailer and has a tad of land she could grow garden on, and yet doesn't..there wasn't one piece of fruit veggie or decent anything in her basket, only sweets and a pack of hotdogs. She medicates and lives natural but for dinner eats "a" hotdog filled with nitrates and heaven knows what else, and then bought several higher priced bags of cat food for the collection that runs around her place. To me this is poor emotional based judgement cause for the price of a bag of cat food she could by a variety of seed, plant a few veggies and eat good all year if she over wintered things like hard shelled nutrient rich squash at no cost in a cold spot. She was raised doing this, she knows how, has the energy if she can walk down the mountain and back up when she can't get a ride. This is living in hardship out of choice cause abundance is meeting our need and she could if applying what she has wisely. Wasting compassion on this is my foolishness.

Last week tenant had another week paid vacation. His third! He's only been with this unionized factory 9 years. I said something sarcastic about it cause he's always complaining how owners treat them so bad. In the back of my mind was thinking how he complains they are laying other guys off and he may get bumped to another shift, yet he feels "Entitled to 3weeks pay for no work". Ok I'll agree to one week as a thank you for doing a good job all year, not 3weeks. Take two of them from each of their 200 employees and they could fund four jobs for a year instead of four lay offs. We are a selfish self-centered stupid bunch when our economic system has been in the state of collapse and we think this way. This is also one of those guys who bitches about how politicians live high on his money, and is basically lazy hardly lifting a finger beyond making money, so can't see him setting the world on fire the 8hrs he's on a job. It boils me seeing such single mindedness and it's running ramped in the world. The news just reported a company the stop paying employee bonuses for showing up on time and stopped allowing them to take cash for the sick days they didn't use.

...But none of this is my concern...

Last night 8pm Oneson having worked job all day the worked on his pastures, fed KodyDog and laid down. At 9pm woke him to eat and he got IRate cause I was also in the(my) kitchen cleaning up. At midnight woke him cause his gelding was whining up a storm ~ mare was loose. By the time I got out to help in the pitch black starless night he had her and got curly with me for interfering. It angers me cause horses are smart but not about some things and with him yelling at them they run away, a horse running can get lost quick in the dark. By the time I got back to bed I was still stewing cause of what could of resulted and heard that inner voice saying "be not concerned, detach from all thought creating emotion you do not want as your reality, this charge is not responsibility you chose for yourself". Began to argue this saying she is an innocent animal needing protection. Again was told "it is not for your concern you did not choose this as your charge, do not make it your experience" the voice went on as to how if an owner were not present it would be different, but they were so it then should matter not to me what their experience of inner-action becomes because it is by that persons design. OK I can see this! =I'm cling to the old beliefs held, failing to realize this will be the exclusive experience son chooses, without my involvement it cannot be my experience. All this is about living the NOW Moment. My involvement was out of fear for what could occur in future by applying past remembrances; neither past or future are reality they only exist in our mind. The only reality is the Present Now.
OK I GET IT once again. """Detach""" to everything I do not desire as my experience and none of this would exist as part of my reality to be fretting over.

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