Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Relationships Compromise TO Cooperation

Years ago hubby and I had, in spite of many big differences, a very good relationship compatibility. We always joked he drank for both of us, which eventually become his undoing. At the same time I saw it like all successful merging, a well oiled compromise. One willing gave up to provide the other with what they desired = compromise. This however is just what is changing in modern day relationships as compromise is an action found outside ourselves, and appropriately so in that old paradigm. In the new paradigm energy, compromise means we cannot walk the path of our intention which we came here to experience. Thus, the new merging of well oiled relationships is COOPERATION so each may be who they came here to be mounting the ladder of awareness to enlightenment at their own pace, not holding back in compromise with the other. Different, definitely, because we know all comes from within and we must not place limits on ourselves from the illusion as the outer reflection.

What made me see this is 'Not' being in a mated relationship, but living with an adult son in my space. We partner in many things by sharing space, he mainly does labor and I do the funding which works well for both when we respect natural boundaries of self expression. Cooperation mean neither gives up desire and moves along on their path naturally determined from within,,,,not from outside the self. It means many more things and because of this I understand why I chose this rather than another mate. One is far more unconditional to blood that others, and it gave far greater leverage of opposition than adversity would with a mate. This created more awareness of Acceptance for who one was and how they lived their expression to be determined neither right or wrong in the greater All That Is. It also gave distance naturally by the outer world not expecting any partnering or merging in the relationship. In other words it is a relationship without the confines and limitations found in mating according to existing beliefs and social standards. At the same time it provided more leverage for oppositional polarity to find a center balance of peace and harmony. There was more energy to apply to learningUnity of Consciousness without social expectation of mates.

Over a lifetime I've lived many changes from divorce being taboo to a given, mates socially required to be legally bound by the church to living-together as the common end result. From baring children out of marriage being stigma to live down, to being a child of a same sex union accepted as common place. The entire premise of partnering and relationships has transformed and with it now there is one last transformation and it is the beliefs system of partnering allowing total inner self expression so the soul essence can walk the path it chooses to express as an ascended frequency.

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