Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dancing With Irene's

We chose a rather great area to live..No hurricane's tornado's volcano's and the thudding earthquakes we do have are hardly noticed as they are on huge slabs of granite the sand washes out between. Thus our life is quite safe with little disruption other than what comes from above as we even sit on top of a mountain where water ways do not infringe flooding. Lately the heavy rains create quite enough flooding with water gushing down the stone lane and brick sidewalks covering pastures in 6 to 8 inches of water on it's way to the stream in the woods. A few times there were straight line winds which did a little damage near by but not to us. Today however we are concerned as the ground is so wet it's become a danger for these 100+foot tall trees. We had several topple in the woods over the summer, laying on other tall ones. There is nothing to do about this other than cut them up, but so far Oneson can't get to it as his big chain saw blew up. Thinking he could fix it he bought a smaller one to start on smaller things around the buildings and now finds he must buy another very expensive big one...So it goes, and this soggy ground is today even iffy with these trees and Irene headed our way in her dance. Hired professionals to take trees from along the power line and those which were endangering buildings. However this was 7/8yrs ago and we are in need again especially with the growth this season with all the rain.

Irene is coming up the east coast, will reach us Saturday night into Sunday morning. We are 100+miles inland in Pa. so will not get the worse of it but we have gotten other hurricanes that were damaging. Spent yesterday readying the tenant house and this morning securing things around the building we live in, son is doing his barns. Removed anything which might become a projectile weapons. Nearly forgot the bird feeders which must come down tpp. We are concerned the garden will be washed away. We've worked so hard on it and do need it's gifts which aren't quite ready to be picked. I've brought in the tomatoes, will salad us to death. They are all odd and deformed from this weird weather so beyond dehydrating as they are watery and seeded. Think Will leave the carrots and beats till after and if they wash up get them then, peppers are to small yet and the squash is all green.
Will have to ask Mother to go easy on these plant beings who have been working so hard to do what they do against all this odd weather. Tonight just before dark will turn the hot water heater off in the basement in tenant house. The water should stay hot 24hours..This way if the electric goes out and water rises above the tank it won't short and start a fire... I'll have to get up and check the electric situation several times over night Sat/Sun... that is of course the worse of the storm in this area and if power goes out all the electric will need to be turned off at the box for safety.

Stay safe all those in the wake of Irene's dance....she will be gone come Monday morning....

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