Sunday, August 7, 2011

Living the Vibration

All things are energy with it's own vibration. When we have aura photos taken it's a picture of the color of that energy which also has vibration and sound. This combined frequency moves outward from us into the surrounding field touching and merging with other energy as well as with other auras. (the photo is me to my right is the essense of salmon vibrational Sanat Kumara radiating through me). This is why when you walk into a room we often feel the energy more easily it it's opposing your own. We tend to feel that which is different or unlike ourselves more easily than that which is like or of a more closely related vibration. Thus we feel what we call negative or evil energy because of it's difference to our own. I've come to rising above this thinking that things are negative evil or bad, to simply relating to them as different or in a strong opposition to my own energy. These differences are created by beliefs and thoughts which vibrate their frequency so we tend to feel less that which is most like our own and feel more that which is unlike or foreign to us. Jokingly I've said I was a ghost hunter, truth is there was a period of my spiritual training when I did seek out darker denser energies to work with their transformation. Sensing fear from opposing energies was something I learned to overcome, as there was nothing to fear but my own thoughts and beliefs regarding such. Yes denser energy vibrates less and is viewed as darker and less filled with light of the life force, and we rate it as negative of minus side of the polarity mid point, but it is still part of our Oneness of All That Is. I've encountered the darkest of density and was taught to love it as part of the Oneness which is me, so through love it could sense it's value as the ALL THAT IS or Prime Creator. Yes this is a whole other level of Ghost Hunting than what TV depicts. This is why I so often say there is no good or evil only different vibrational frequencies of the All That Is.

It's important to realize that in each moment we as beings resonate outward the vibrational frequency of our thoughts and beliefs. With each it touches that which is close surrounding us and then radiates outward into the mass consciousness including becoming part of the of the human collective consciousness. So if your thinking thoughts of fear your placing fear in the Collective Consciousness, it your thinking peace harmony and love that is what you radiate to the masses. YOU are responsible for the construct of the mass collectives thinking. If you choose to watch violent TV or movies of off planet being which are going to take over our planet, your going to be in a vibrational degree that creates a level of fear and that fear becomes what humanity is. Mother Teresa said she would not march against war but only for peace, because she did not want to place the vibration of their being waring to over come into the energy held by the masses, her desire was to place peace in our consciousness. This is how we should live our lives, by being the vibrational expression of the energy we want our reality experience to be. It is important in all we do in each moment to be aware of the thoughts we are because this is what we are creating as our future to experience.

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