Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brain Wash ~ Do Your Own Laundry

Imagine your not really talking to anyone, your not really connecting to other Life Force, your typing and never connecting to anything but an electronic device; in truth this is what is happening when your texting. Will say one thing for it, you aren't going to have many arguments with friends or family cause your not really connecting to them. You 'text~send' into space! and others pick up and then 'text sent' into space back and your energy never really connects cause to send a text this device must disconnect. Do you get this? Your not connected to their life force.

You deliberately and consciously disconnect by hitting Send. When you Text you never connect to the other people, you are only connecting to the device in your hand, by hitting send at your end it disconnects you to any energy crossing through the field. The thought of this hitting send to post your message creates the unconscious disconnecting in your mind and you never really have a flow of energy between you and the other party. Yes all is energy and when we connect voice to voice their is an energy flow between us and it's enhanced by our intention to inner-act. Texting has not intent to connect it is a text send or a start stop action.We can sense a connect via voice and thought as all is energy, and when it's our intent to speak it's done via connecting , with texting our intent is to disconnect with the Send so they can then get the text.

I don't text, cell, smart-pad or any such thing, most likely won't ever again. Found the necessary to function always connected to a world outside myself was limiting. IT limited my perfecting my inner psychic abilities and telepathic communication by depending on some device outside myself when I know full well I've go the best most efficient way, always functioning properly, and is the most affordable communication devise going...MY ENERGY CONNECTION TO SOURCE and it's always paid in full. No I won't fall for that emergency fear thing either, don't intend to have one and not dependent on others approval before making decisions. If I have to make arrangements or collaborate I'll do it in physical beforehand rather than on the spot. I desire to be present in the moment and with who I'm with doing what I'm doing in each now. This act of texting and sending into space of the field does not really connect our energy it disconnects it from our thought. When your attuned to the field you can connect because this is the intent you put out.

Most of main stream society has lost these abilities which are always there being telecast by the Source Field for us to pick up on, and with this disconnecting of text send we are furthering our disconnection to this field. What hasn't been destroyed disruptive electro-magnetics of TV, Utilities, or new smart phone Apps will completely become atrophied if we continue to disconnect from it with the text sent programing of those controlling us by getting us to fall for these forms of Brain Washing.

That is the plan ~ the more we allows for this the more those who want to keep us dumbed-down to divert us from perfecting the natural abilities this new cosmic energy brings to us to develop us into the advanced human species.
find a way to actually connect energy and develop that ability to program you into your own communication's the natural way to go Green...and $ave your natural abilities to become a more advanced version of our species.

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