Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Creating A New Non-ValueSystem

If you've been reading my blogs you'll see how our higher mind helps us create a reflection outside ourselves as our life experiences which are designed to show us our deeper energy frequency within based upon our beliefs and thoughts. Oddly the reflection of events or situation we see is not always a replication of us but often appears in a manner to get us to be aware of how our energy inner acts with the energy around us.
Example: we may feel we're unworthy of being loved hiding our feelings from the world by over extending ourselves in an attempt to get it.The reflection we sent fourth may be played back to us with people needing the same but taking advantage of us or others in attempt to get it.
Same basic emotional energy with an opposite expression, and it's that opposing expression that gets our attention cause it's not in tune with the emotion as we energetically express it. Our higher mind actually can when appropriate use the same energy expressing it in an opposing why to make us take notice of ourselves. I'm finding this happens often of late since I'm in the process of cleansing out all thought and emotion which no longer apply or serve my greater good in this new Aquarian Age Cycle we're entering.

The idea behind sharing is to help us all learn how this Law of Attraction actually works. For instance the woman tenant in my recent situation lives taking advantage of others compassionate trusting nature, she is an opposite of me. The reason for projecting this is that as a Wayshower of things to come I'm attempting by example to form a community unit or pocket of light beings who live by a new economic system. Our old economic system is in process of collapse and we must establish an new economics which is not based upon a monetary system. This will then becomes a Non-Value System where one gives what they have to offer to those who need it , and by this everyone gets what they need to sustain life. This is not going to be as easy as it sounds because humanity has the Value System so deeply buried within with many far reaching root systems. I've been consciously forming a community unit gradually using this non-value system here with self, son, and tenants. It is a slow process to come about as our society is still battling to keep a monetary Value System alive and functioning. Thus there is a need for money as exchange in the outer world, but we are also gradually exchanging what we have to offer in talents to secure sustaining our lives also. Letting go of the Value we place on things is my challenge and why I presented this to myself in this way to help it hit home.

This tenant, although the opposite of me by not paying financial obligations, was my way of getting me to notice this. I'm still hanging on to extending roots of that old financial Value System, by judging value of what others give as exchange..... I've been judging what my son would owe in rent and what he gives in exchange for it; often seeing me as being on the short end. The situation with this non-paying tenant brought into clear view that a Non-Value System is not based on that old dollar value system , but on supply and need. Son supplies the energy to do what I can no longer do and this makes his offering way different and worth far more than the old value system gave credited for. How better than to have this driven home to me than with a non-paying tenant who is just the opposite of myself in being responsible for paying a fair exchange value. It also teaches me better how to relate to the give and need in future Non-Value based exchanges.

So ~~~ as you view your own life situations be aware the energy may the the same emotional foundation but expressed in a completely opposite way cause it's not that situation which is the reflection but the energy of emotion from the heart which you may not be fully expressing as you desire to express it. This is all about our transforming our inner frequency to become more of what we desire to be.

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