Monday, September 19, 2011

Is It Safe to Come Out And Play?

In comments last blog we were talking about expectations, and how holding them creates our disappointments. Well I guess you could say this day was built on expectation that weren't too positive. Yesterday sons birthday or not he had work to do as the horses broke through to the front pasture two nights in a row. The deer entice them by eating their who can blame them.WELL unfortunately Oneson does! as he expects way too much of his horses. As well trained as they are they are getting old are retired with retiring minds, and his anger because they should know better doesn't help the situation as they then start running wildly. As a topper KodyDog stepped on the fence which was loudly clicking (indicating it's shorting out so he didn't get zapped) but it scares the bejeebers out of the poor dog and Oneson yelled at him for being on it, so KodyDog runs and hides. He came to me once then son took him out again and with only a word the dog took off again. He was scared and his only desire is to please so a reprimand is horrible, besides he told me the guy that he lived with before beat him when he was a puppy, no surprise cause he also in jail for beating the mother of his three children. Anyway son went to make sure he was not on the road and was gone an hour when KodyDog came home and told me he just didn't understand why he got yelled at and didn't know if what the horses did was his fault too.

Critters speak to me~ the horses only problem is the deer which are taking over are eating what they feel is their grass. Thus birthday or not son had to fix the white tape fencing the horses went through like it or not. We use this unattractive stuff so the deer can see it and then not hit it, but over the last year seems Oneson has taken easy fixes in a few places as trees where insulators go have grown. Of course, he was out of replacement supplies so we trudge to Farm and Tractor (this time we went to one in New Jersey ~ actually find it better) Since NASCAR was rained out he spent the afternoon fence fixing, the thing was still shorting out. On top of this he had to empty the oil and gas out of the new 50lb generator I purchased that won't stay running so it can be shipped back. Thus it was all of 1:00 A.M. before he finally had success getting the fence to work, which was necessary as I had appointment for Car Inspection leaving no one home.
Thus his birthday was a mixed up day.

Done and back by 9:30 am. passed without a hitch, thank heavens as there seems to be a plethora of small hang ups creating an abundance of catch up work all hinged on Jupiter Rx I'm sure. Thus I'm home typing this during second cup-a which is more than needed after a 50mile round trip to the dealership. So wrongly I had expectations that the horses would be out when I returned...note I said wrongly and it will teach me a lesson to not have expectations because it's not living in the moment. But Lucked Out ~~And everyone is calm happy and where they should be safe and sound.

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