Friday, September 23, 2011

Law of Attraction In A Tenant

Well a guy says he wants apartment, seems to good to be true, but he doesn't have the money AGAIN. I've repeated to myself over and over, he does not get the key till months rent is paid plus a 1/3 security added 2nd 3rd 4th month and gas account paid up in his name by middle of first month. This takes it to about $800 a mo for four months, unless we talk his helping me around here and deducting it from the rent. These are hard times we all must bend, but can not allow others to survive at our expense dragging us into their hole...This is most likely a lesson we will all be learning as friends and family become economically depressed. Son also giving me hard time last few days, not working much and then only 4/5hrs of a day. There is plenty of work here for him to help compensate expenses, but he seems to think his horse work is part of this just like clean up of messes he makes which would not exist if he weren't here. Narcissism~he is perfecting it! Guess this is why I'm creating these type reflections, so I do a complete and lasting job learning the boundaries of this new resource economic system when extending help to others, but not at my expense to be drug into a hellhole that isn't mine. My experiencing this now is for your benefit too, cause in time we will all be involved in this new economic structure based not on a monetary fund value system but a system of exchange of personal resources.

This-morning sit here sick to my stomach with that horrid smog-head you get from lack of sleep. Always required 7hrs wake before and sick for the day; another one of those, thanks to Oneson falling off the wagon literally the hay wagon, creating situation for my further learning emotional detachment with compassion. Not going into it, but there is no way with his boozing I can depend on him or expect to keep tenants with any kind of self pride and desire for harmony. Sad cause with "some" appreciation he'd have a made situation for him and his animals. Oh well, some chewable Papaya Enzyme and bowl of cereal with milk to coat the tummy is in order. Nap no can't.

Yesterday I'd asked for one of those great tenant arrangements like in past years, and this guy is probably that answer given by the universe. He certainly appears to be a son replacement, and one who would appreciate and respect the situation extended in exchange. We know the universe sends the energy 'we are' back to us to experience, and this is just to uncanny to not consider possible. If Oneson doesn't learn how to use his wagon seat belt he will be replaced cause he takes more than he gives and to often that offering is only emotional imbalance to the harmony. This is my TGIF which will extend into Saturday ... enjoy yours and find some light hearted entertainment ~~~ I'm going to boost my aura and read a book as it's on the verge of a heavy rain.

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