Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Viewing the Energy That Is Reality

How often do I say WE create our reality collectively & individually.
This is just how the Earth experience was designed and in it we set cosmic bodies in transit to reflect to us energy for transformations we choose for this life experience of evolution in the Consciousness Energy we are. Thus at this time there is a New Moon in Libra with a T-square, a trapezoid with Mars Jupiter and Pluto all directing transforming energy toward us so we can create a new reality on Earth to experience. At this time we are pushing ourselves for personal and social change at the same time, it's effecting both our private and public relationships. As the Golden Girls Estel says "Picture This" all is energy, it is viewed much like smoky mists of various densities colors and tone vibrations according the frequency it vibrates. This so called frequency is determined by the amount of Photon Light it holds, these photons are bits of awareness or information. All things are this field of vibrating energy frequency, including the planets, earth, and you. To remain viable as a living force this vibrating energy is in constant motion (vibration) through and around us, merging and mingling itself in a sharing. This is why we say we are One with All because as the energy, even thought we slowed (that part of it we are) our resonance to where it became physical matter we are still the energy field and to be must stay in motion with a constant flow of connection with the field. The term Source (referring to what we called God) Field has become our latest way of expressing this All That Is as it removes any human qualities from the field cause human expression is but only one small facet of this.

The picture above is the background I use on my other Msite 'aKunaKumara' It is used to depict what we in truth are as aspect of this Source Field. It helps me in the physical form remember how everything I do, express, or think will always be in movement merging with this Field which I am, which you are, which everything is a part of. This means the projection we created as cosmic bodies or other world beings or other humans on this earth are all a part of the whole which is us. It means that in this projected expression of a planet Earth we are one with all components and what one does touches upon the other to be part of it. You can not hate or love but what that hate or love is part of me. You can not create a life of fear thinking other sources deceive you but what that feared and deception are part of me, nor can I create a unified loving acceptance of all for being part of the whole that I am without this become part of you................

I can only say that I desire Love and Unified Harmonic expressions as my fourth coming projections of reality, so this is the thought my energy is and thus the expression I become. If you choose different that energy will become part of me and I then must strive to create an expression of Loving Oneness Acceptance that is filled with more Photon Light of the All That Is so that it as light outweighs the density of fear or deception you create, so it can bring all into the mid point of balance again to create this new Golden Age expression as my reality. No longer do I view this as a war of the world or worlds but rather the peaceful action to create my desired experience. The energy of Source was viewed as a seesaw of polarity exptemes in the old paradigm where we sat on the ends of the seats constantly at war trying to find balance and harmony. Now with new awareness (Photon Light information) we can move to the center point the middle point of the seesaw in a harmonic balance that is not at the extreme of up/down. The present transits are energetically helping us to merge our thinking to sit at the mid point and not the end extreme of the polarity, and thus create more Balance in this seesaw we experience as life..

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