Thursday, December 15, 2011

More Lifestyle Changes Coming Our Way

Since 1998 when started eBay selling I've used the US Post Office. The idea was that higher priced items they should be delivered directly by hand with signature, not left at the door at the discretion of an unknown truck driver. It's easy to contact locals but not UPS which your lucky to even know where your UPS facility is.... Also if you miss one of these delivery signature packages form the PO you don't need to drive half way across the state to pick it up as it's at your local post office. BUT ~~here we go their is always a fly in our ointment isn't there! The Post Office has been suffering for ten year, particularly the last five with the loss in daily letter mail. Most don't pay bills by post anymore, we use the web or automatic withdrawal as it's much safer and way faster. But the Post Office has suffered as there is also no more letter writing going on due to blog or FF. They have survived with rate increases that didn't hit us toooooo hard, now they are forced to cut services. They suffered the same extended cost increase due to fuel we did. This cut in service along with an increase in postage will begin January 2012.

They have already begun other cuts. Like my local office had the used computerized equipment they purchased from the dinosaurs. when it went down they simply didn't replace it. Ya really, they say there isn't enough volume going through the office to put money into replacement. Ok better than closing it and people loosing jobs. But sometimes when I keep getting my neighbors mail I question that with these part time mailmen. They now hire part times rather than pay pensions and insurance. There was the day working for the Post Office was sought after job due to benefits~ No More. Another big change will be the closing of many many large central unit distribution centers. This will slow service drastically. I'm beginning to wonder if they haven't closed some already. Mail - holiday or not has always been timely, it ain't no mo. Selling items on eBay again I ship each with a Delivery Confirmation slip to track progress. Things are slow, slow like I've never seen them slow since 1998. This creates issues for all of us. Don't want our car payment to be late, means better think about the automatic withdrawal from the Bank. You can do this with Phone and Electric too, I question CCards as their payments changes to often and they are something you want to keep a protective eye on. Not that one should total trust others but identity theft is not as likely from phone or electric companies. If your living on borrowed funds week to week you can't do this, but that was another life for me; So Far but Who ever knows these days.
The warning flag has gone
up we must be prepared to change yet another pattern of our daily lives, now due to the postal service.

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