Friday, December 23, 2011

Wee Ones Knocking at Our Door

Well down to the wire aren't we...glad I don't have digs anymore to hold the celebration...just preparing to participate in that of others has been enough....Holiday shopping done,most of it wrapped, today is a run for milk and a few other goodies to contain Oneson and myself over the next few days. Called daughter wanting an idea of what the plans were, we're to visit them around the dinner hour for food and gift exchange Christmas day..assuming she's ordering sandwich trays..She works with horses and has an Animal House Sitting business so she'll be working part of the day. This suits both son and I fine as it will only be one set of her in-laws and us ~ nothing big, enough of a group to deal with. This way we get a real chance to converse and catch up, when the group gets too big I'm at a loss cause they as family are caught up and as the outsider I get every ones everything which puts me in overload.

For one of those mysterious reasons we can never figure out, son had no work yesterday which was sunny&warm or today which is to be rainy anyway. Having a bad cold with his back out and a aching wrist, he really needs a few days to stand down and take a deep breath of rec-operation. Finally yesterday he and KodyDog got a real walk in the woods, something both upon return seemed to heal from. Nature is healing, and just a walk or sitting in it has a way of healing us. Many recognize this, but don't realize it's not just the balanced energy of the elements that heals, but the combination of that with plant and mineral kingdom energy. The multi-dimensional world of the devic kingdoms are unknown to people today, but they are part of this reality even though an unseen part. The whole of this reality was designed where the energy of all the elementals flows through us and in some way provide our physical form with nourishment, and this feeding is our healing. We eat plants and supplement with various forms of them and the mineral kingdoms rock forms as medication. We must have air water and the sun and even darkness to exist in physical form, it's all an intricate balance of unity which we have forgotten. There are beings which exist in this unseen world which in our modern society we fail to acknowledge. However they are there and when we recognize them in even the most subtle way they respond. The boys trip to the woods was one I'd of loved to been part of as apparently they returned with some wee ones along for the ride. After the walk he was relaxing with KodyDog at his feet, trying to tighten something with an Alan Wrench which just flew out of his had. He searched hi and low moving every piece of furniture. Finally turning his plush chair over noticing the net cloth had been moved and the slit which had been cut to give way for the leg to screw in was not under the wide flat chair leg. Removing the leg he pulled the material in place and there was the Wrench up inside it. Now who grabbed it and took it Up? it certainly didn't pop up there on it's own. KodyDog acted silly as if playing with unseen toys the remainder of the day, so it was quite obvious they had returned from the woods with some unseen Wee People tagging along.

The wee ones are part of the Pan Community of beings and with their impish ways they also have that wonderful ability to heal us by our just being in their presence. They have what we term Magic, but in reality it's all just how this reality was designed with all the kingdoms and their beings working in unity. When we acknowledge this or just recognize nature as it's own living essence that energy with it's which is consciousness responds. This is the principal behind aroma therapy or essence energy healing. All is energy and we are again remembering how this works with all being in Oneness as the total unified reality. Many of us have visits from Wee Ones attempting to get our attention, but we in this modern world are un-accepting of their presence. So next time your missing that something you know you just place on the table and it's not there....Acknowledge the Wee One trying to get your attention.

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