Thursday, January 19, 2012

Are We Slapping Ourselves Silly

It's strange how things can be going good and suddenly turn to crap. Gotta laugh cause the harder I try the harder is gets to master the vibration of my own experience as life. Now I'm sharing my battle with others hoping you will see some of it in your own experience and struggle less with your own course of mastering the new energy waves. Other day shopping and a new the electric coffee pot, which still doesn't heat quite hot enough, turned into a comedy show when some over weight lady duped me in to letting her jump the ck out line and then proceeded to drag-ass the same way son had done the entire length of this huge one stop store. Found me in some real pain created obviously by inflammation from my own high stress level . Comical yes cause the latest health findings are proof that we create our own outcome of health via our inflammation level. The counter balance is I've brought in light waves and are just allowing them to work in me as they will, and a slow process of wholeness (healing) chronic health issues is occurring effortlessly . Wholeness only occurs in the waves of Love from the Heart Mind. This is the only true energy healing there is. It's the difference of being in harmonic balance with earths vibration by not thinking only from the Physical Brain which is often out of sync with Earth's Core which is her heart. These are the latest scientific finding from the Heart Institute

Last meditation The Voice told me that by bringing old outdated denser belief vibration to the surface through Shadow Work it tends to sticks like goo cause the denser vibration has no harmonic balance to float off in the lighter wave length. It's up to we manifestations on earth to work with this which is us, as energy always seeks higher vibration to find harmony. It's a natural law of this universe and in the new wave of vibration humanity can/must now master responsibly it own waves of vibration in this new cycle beyond 2012.

Far from a new concept...The new part is not just believing this, but knowing it to applying and live it!...Jesus told us this over 2000 years ago, time to know it as our truth. Which means we must rise above old dense emotional beliefs of separateness in our inner-action with others. This morning I'm still angry at son, it's another comedy trying to live from my heart mind with Love when someone deliberately makes choices knowing they are hurtful to their own life expression and others. Not sure if I'm angry with him or is this me slapping myself silly for not mastering my frequency wave. Perhaps it is both "as we are One", and simply individual aspects of expressions of Source All That Is. Joke is on me as all, including him, are other aspects of me being expressed outwardly.

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