Friday, January 27, 2012

Fooding Rains and Birds Nests

Notice someone posted a news report about the U.K. in fear of flooding...Well all my countrymen guess what! we English here in the USA "are" flooded. Ground here has been soggy since mid summer, seems to rain one heavy and one drizzle each week...the barn has a mud-mote surrounding it, the paddock looks like a soggy pig pen and the upper pasture is rapidly turning into one.. Last night after a day of drizzle it was reported we would get heavy rain through till noon today. So I put horses in thinking I was doing me them and this upper pasture a favor...NO the mote is deeper than ever to the point I had a dream they would get stuck bogged in mud and wouldn't be able to get out. (it happened to me in the dark - eventually with their help atthe barn door they pulled me out) Waited this a.m. till it was light enough I could see in dense fog and opened the gates again, put their hay on ground in the wet..they got through the mote to it. Unfortunately I could not get rain out of the back of my mind so instead of that crunchy ground and flakes I didn't create the reality projection I desired. Filled several horse buckets in pasture, can't get to tub without going through the mote. Walked two large black trash bags up the lane to the dumpster and that is it for me till noon. One thing Good about all this the exercise is doing me a big favor and think I'm loosing some of that mid section fat. Knees are taking a beating but the trimming down will favor them in the end as this is a 110 size body that somehow ended up 165lbs mostly mid section cortisol produced from stress. My inner self is trying it's best to reflect itself properly in it's outer expression but I do think it could of chosen something less and more enjoyable..

Think I'll do a bit of minor cleaning to make room for this new Bird Nest treasure....this is made of's constructed like a tam/hat turned upside-down with yarn pieces tied to it..then filled with loose yarn bits and small Robin eggs..this is to sit on a table with some crystals and where I mix natures essences with the help of nature spirits. It was acquired through Etsy from a blog site TwoBagsFull on Blogger.

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