Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"and she forgot to turn it off !"

Yesterday Oneson didn't work - Holiday of course, today it's raining and no work. We headed 25miles to the Feed Mill with better prices which only delivers every other week. This was the off week and the feed quantities still aren't regulated to fit into new larger feed barrels, so got enough to get bye the week, paid for delivery next week which should fill the barrels and still have reserve on the next delivery...can't leave feed in bags out in the open or critters get it. More expensive Mill delivers weekly but cost is a big factor here.Then we headed to WallyWorld for needed replacement of the burn out coffee pot.

oyvay too much, now a Supper Store and huge. By the time we got to the right section legs were aching from those hard floors. Son is a shopper ~ if you are, please take him ~ he could/would and has tried to go all day and gets angry with me cause I never let him look. If you only knew ~ he has to read every word and reads and reads and reads...I mean how damn hard is it to pick out a 25watt light bulb. Took him 20minutes ~ No Not Kidding. It is this way through the whole store. By time we got to coffee makers, you guessed it, that higher resonance based in LOVE I'm trying to hold had waited itself right into the hard floors..not to be found easily.

Both read info on big sale stack of Black&Decker auto programmable for $10. (give away price - didn't find glitch till we got home) Has all the features but says nothing about Auto Turn Off...that may be why $10 B&D screwed up... For price it's a fine extra, but I want that feature! @@@ just went for another cup and it was turned off so maybe it has it and just doesn't mention it..Turned it on again as there is nearly a full pot and we will see..too many homes went up in smoke from coffee pot melt downs. Don't want my epitaph to read "and she forgot to turn it off !" because 'out of this world me' all too often has had to drive back home not remembering if I did or didn't! ~~ if it has it I lucked out cause you cant beat $10 when it can be set up and timed to turn on before you get up. It's time saver for working people, if not then next trip will get one with the Turn Off and this will become the new back-up.With new elements its much safer than the two old un-programmable stained white ones with well used elements. Some things just aren't worth keeping and can be recycled by someone who lives more in physical and who's epitaph will read " and she always remember to turn it off".

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