Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Proof We Create Our Reality

You know how I'm always saying we create our own reality from our thoughts and beliefs..Well Oneson helped prove this again. Yesterday he had someone come out to get him aid to pay these hospital surgery bills from his broken leg that needed a plate in it. He turned in a form the hospital was to send to the state welfare office for the government medacade assistance, cause he has no insurance and no job and won't as they hired someone else to cover him. Then the hospital turns the form over to an agency that works for them not the state and this is were the lady was from that came to see him. Her company works for the hospital but they are patient advocates for getting public assistance. She needs to use table to fill out forms, this puts her in the next room to library were I'm working on computer. There is a extra wide doorway opening between the two rooms so we might as well been together. I went out and watered the horses to give them privacy. They call me in to sign papers that son is indeed is living in a room here, and I'm providing him with room and board during his state of distress. ALSO she asks for my Home Owners Insurance Policy Number. Of course stupid me, it was an accident that happened on my property. So now once again I'm paying for this A#sH0%es drunken mishaps, not only not giving him permission to be doing what he was, but stopped him cause he was drunk. (which I didn't mention YET!) I'm sure my insurance will go up, and to think in 47years here I've Never Had A Claim and it's this problem adult child of mine that has created one. I'm calling the insurance company today but don't know to what good~ we will talk.

Ok anger is at myself for putting up with him. Again he screwed up and went off the wagon and this time broke his leg. So I'm to blame cause I gave him the 500th+ chance to correct his addiction and got screwed again. It's not so much my allowing this that angers me, but more I allow what he does to effect me as it has me thinking/believing he is the cause of problems occurring..when it's me..yes me for tolerating and not enforcing my own rules the rest of us living here comply with. I follow the same standards I set for tenants, he is the only one who doesn't comply. For a few years I've believed He is dragging me down with him, and because of holding this belief it is happening. Here if nothing else ever has been, this is proof how we create the reflection of our beliefs as our life experience. My vibration holds the belief he is destroying my life and Guess What!

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