Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weekend Odds and Ends

So far doing a great job of holding my thought on desired weather and have created exactly what I want. Not turned the news or weather channel on, this is good as thoughts haven't been compromised. Nights have been just below freezing Hi 20's, keeping ground frozen, days warm up to hi 40's. Big horse tub is full, inside horse shed and too far for me to conveniently drag 200ft of heavy hose, so we have three horse buckets inside fence near house and two 5gal buckets outside as refills. Working great using a light weight garden hose only water once a day. You know the kind that is flat with 3narrow tubes for water and can be driven over it. It winds up on a plastic wheel, 50footer drains easily by just winding it on the wheel and can't weigh but 5lbs. Horses seem happy to just stay in the pasture near house. They could go into their shed but haven't passed through the mud moat. They're plenty warm with blankets and have small stand of cedar trees for shelter from the little wind we get. It's perfect conditions with sunny days and nights keeping ground from turning into mud.

Another trip yesterday for sons pain med script. This is a PAIN in my a#% driving 50miles round drip for a piece of paper. (can't call narcotics in)Dr. only prescribes enough for 3to4days so it means two trips a week. Son is trying to cut back but claims pain still bad when he hangs his leg down to walk. On Monday has Dr appo. to have incision checked so he will know what is under the temporary cast that is causing such pain. He's been going out just before dark with me when I feed his horses, he feeds the deer in the near woods, they are always waiting like pets. Holds a small bucket with handle and uses crutches, got a second set of rubber ends he cut 4x4inch wood blocks to screw on bottom of crutch tips so they don't sink into mud or snow etc. It was a great invention. Gives more secure footing over frozen divets too, then switches to the other rubber tips for indoor use.

Today must drop script off and pick up extra veggies at store, brother in law coming and it will most likely be lunch time. He's diabetic so will get extra salad stuff (never can have enough of that) and put a small crock pot of soup on, have a 2qt which is perfect. At the same time Flyers Game will be on at 1pm. It's not really all that busy just everything at once, son will need medication and the game is the highlight of my weekend ~~most likely will miss it. Oh Well our people are more important than sports games. Amid all this must vacuum up hay that gets drug in after feed and watering horses. It sort of cuts into having visitor time. Sunday will be quiet. In my 40's/50's all this was a breeze, these days it's tiring work for a crone who is still searching for these Golden Years they talked about. Won't complain tho cause all this extra stuff is good for what ails me.


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