Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hard to believe

it's still raining...a week no let up. Sun one afternoon for a couple hours, that was it. Woods are beginning to look like a rain forest. Now I wouldn't mind this if we were prepared but we're not. We had these conditions last two years, they are worse this year. Even the container garden started is impossibly wet and I've been moving it in and out of cover what I can..Last night moon showing left uncovered...Mistake. Some of the pots are just too big and heavy to keep moving. The only blessing with the main garden is most of this rain is not heavy down pour so things aren't washing away, but we're at the point that the ground on top of the mountain is so full it will soon start sliding down hill or wash into the stream. Noah where are you? we need those blueprints. I wonder since stories are so vague on year, if maybe the 40days and 40nights were not a time of earth changes like this when earth was moving into a new age frequency cycle too. Changes aren't the same every place, some warmer colder wetter dryer, and with lack of record keeping you have nothing to compare it as being an earth event during Noah's time???????? but it could of been since we know some lush areas are now desert and cold climates were warm. Also Noah was warned years in advance of it, So were we!

Still smiling, but close to throwing my hands up in the air. No hope for weeding there are just too too many to combat even with help ~ but weeds we can live with, it is us that decide what is a weed and what is not. Son did some weed killer on tenants walk cause weeds were obscuring it and the roots to big and deep pulling them was pulling the walk up. Trying to keep up to grass, but you can't mow a soggy yard in the rain, it's growing and horses need to eat so they are get their pasture by the mower bags. Garden's struggling with rot or washing feet bare.

Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining ~~~ I'm explaining. This seems to be our present climate change, too much rain no snow warmer winters, and a drought late summer in between. Idea is to work with it, not fight it. So spring and Fall are too wet summer and winter to dry. Not normal. Hard part is not knowing what your going to be working with. We are talking our food here! I'm assuming sons broken leg and my eyes at this time were the plan for holding us back, allowing us to see the changes better and what we will increasingly have to work with, so we can better adjust next year when it's even more extreme. This seems to be what it's showing us...Progressive Extremes in what we now have. Understanding this is a help cause we can begin to work around it. For me it's two things...CONTAINER Gardening ..under cover, and RAISED Garden Beds. I'll start pricing the fake wood that doesn't rot which they use for decks, son can till all but the edges if they are big enough. Adding compost direct with lots of horse treasure will take a couple years to get it deep but it will work. Will start picking up large pots for container garden and I already have plastic movable green houses, between the two maybe we can survive the changes. The idea is we knew all this, and kept saying this can't last forever, but it's lasted too long already so we must change with the changes if we are to survive them we must Walk the Talk.

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