Monday, June 18, 2012

Stood In Two Different Worlds

So weird.....woke this morning to no electric. Now this is ok since we doesn't have schedules to keep. Fumbled around got the old phone out that requires no electric, then dug through paid bills for the number of automatic outage at the electric company. That accomplished found the perk coffee maker, opened a bottle of water and carried it all out to the patio table to see better as it was just getting light. Had to use measuring cup couldn't see the line in pot, eventually got coffee on the gas stove using a match to override the electric ignite which of course didn't work. Glad I gave all these things including box of wooden matches a home of their own, cause they were right there where they should be for convince. It takes so long for water to boil! No way do I retain memory of this standing around waiting to turn down the heat as the pot reached perk point and would boil over. There were few stove top messes, that I'd remember, so in that time-space we must of had the timing down of how long it took the pot to boil. Once boiling it had to be timed too, via sons cell phone. Now with three kids and a husband all getting ready to leave for their day that was quite the task to have that timing down so the watched pot didn't boil over.

Strange how we did things and gave them little thought. Stranger yet is the idea of time moved so slow then that that watching didn't bother us. Waiting for the pot to perk and the waiting for it to brew long enough is so unreal today. Today we just push a button and it does it all without our watchful eye and in only a minute or two. In the moment I must of walked the desiavu path as the two time spans crossed. In the same moment I was in the two different time spans and they were so very different it was like two different worlds. Hard to realize they were both a norm in my life just at different time slots. This in the moment was a wonderful way to remember how time has sped up, and boy has it ever. Thinking about it is so different than experiencing it, the experience shows us how profoundly different today is than that yesterday was. For that moment it was somewhat like standing back and observing the time frames like move frames and selecting the one needed for the now. Odder yet as that though passed I walked about 4steps and the electric clock on the stove beeped and the frig started to hum..........I got the right frame HI

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