Friday, July 6, 2012

Spirit of Crystals A Great Information Video

It's fantastic when we realize we're in tune with universal energy.
Recently it's been mentioned I'm down sizing, clearing my space of that which is no longer serves my life, so there will be space to bring the personal energies of that which will be needed as I move into higher frequency. Been using eBay sales and at same time using the Me section to share information about energy and our connection to the mineral kingdom as our companions through life. Also posting about energy on my actual item sale page. It's a way of getting the information out to those who have thus far closed their minds, and I've met a few really great people who are open along the way too. Below is one who put me in touch with the video about energy and how crystals work and work with us. It's a great piece and interesting even if you feel you already know because it makes clear statement as to how we can all do our part and also clarifies to me why I'm making and selling these New Crystal Energies and Selenite items for just what it costs me. This is information for the all and no one should have to pay for it any more than they should have to pay to give it to others. So in the end I found my own answers as to why I'm compelled to do this and simply break even on funds and enjoy spending my spare time with it in the process...
Great video ~~ you'll be glad you watched I'm sure.

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