Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chill It's A New Beginning not an ending

Promised when first getting Multiply closing notice I'd not allow it to become drama. But it has. Not my issues, but because so many M people are making it such a big thing of it. This is a sign of the times which are "CHANGE" so accept it. Truth is most of us didn't connect as we all had our set groups of friends, but now on these special Death sites we meet and ban together in new friendship. How odd is that! when we had all most all to the number agreed the experience had seen better days. Fact is Blog is on the way out! We that remain bloggers are few as cyber world has moved on to wireless hand held devises and people connect in blurps during their day from work stores driving what have you; they are not taking time to sit at computers to type, it's tweets and bleeps on the move. So my first advise is in search for a new home don't look for the latest tech on a blog site that is free. Most blog cause it's free and without paid users a site can't proved the tech updating that cost big $. Also too few today have time to really read others words.These are transforming times and blogging are out-dated. Even online sales changed formatting to accommodate the new wave, the forerunner (eBay) is insisting you post and photo to fit the layout for hand held devises not just computers.

With this I also hear so many in fear of loosing their past blogs.Many used it as a journal or diary. What you've been doing is writing in some else's book ~ they want it back. Download it on a disc or copy/paste to your own files with a backup. If your removing to protect content getting in the wrong hands forget it cause once you put in there it's out there. Drama! cause people don't really consider how they've been handling their valuables. As for me the past is the past what I remember is the only thing worth remembering. Neither Past or Future are real, they are only the thought projections of the mind. The only reality is this Moment the Now Present. Living in anything other than the NOW ages us.(it will take a deep think to figure that one out, trust me it's true). Anything other than the now present moment is linear time-space and unreal as it is just thought. The only reality is the experience in this moment, and when you live only in each moment your life expands exponentially, thus linear aging does not exist. So it is I'm in MY MOMENT of NOW and there is no drama!!!!

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