Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Point in Pointillism

Every day you make little strides toward the Point of Zero..That is how it's meant to be cause we are transforming the reality..It's not just all about us, it's about us as a Point in the whole Pointillism picture. For many years now there has hung on my bath room wall a pen and ink framed. It is called Garden of Eden and is by Dick Boak the artistic head of famous Martin Guitar's and designer of many. Dick is a fantastic guy born with an over dose of creativity. He was born in Bethlehem Pennsylvania still lives in the area and in the 60's was building then new dome structures. He's been with Martin about 37years.and is famous for his music and art. This particular piece is a Artist Proof of the limited edition. Signed. More than that it is a piece you are never quite finished looking at, there is always something more. Thus it's occupied may a mind during the mundane bodily functions.
I'm downsizing and part of this is ridding life of that which is unnecessary however cherished it may be. So Bye Dick Boak it's offered at auction on eBay.. But as one last something more while listing it there was that enlightening moment in realizing how(and I'd not doubt it was his underlying intention) we are one of those ink points dots..making up the whole that began in that original garden.

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