Sunday, September 2, 2012

NASA says Sun Spots Growing
AR1560 has quadrupled in size since Aug 30th (in just 2 days).
The really bad new ~ it's facing our planet, threatening a 40 %
chance of M-class solar flares in the next 48 hours. The suns
southeastern side erupted too on the 31st producing a flare
which will miss our planet, but still deliver blows to our magnetic
field, with a 40% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Sept 3rd.
Science has known the sun does this regularly and we are at the
end peak in flares during 2012, but this time is different as our
Solar System is approaching the Galactic Center, and it being an
energy source the combination is uncertain what will occur. This may just be what the Mayan's were referring as the energy they could not see beyond...why cause it would be creating a new frequency in 2012 & Beyond.

What all this means to us, is we are going to feel it. There are lots of different ways it effects us. First these storms of energy often effect our radio waves, phones and electronics, they could actually if powerful enough fry our power stations or satellites. People like myself feel the weight or pressure of all this geomagnetic energy in the atmosphere, and more powerful ones effect my inner ears and eye sight. Others feel dizzy and sick or get a headache. We feel slammed exhausted wiped out, an inability to think straight, losing words or a thought, ringing in the ears.  Our hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands tune into this frequency coming from solar flares, within each of our cells there are receptors in the protein channels that pick up vibrations from the outside.The nervous system is revved up and as a result many feel anxious.The stomach
is affected with nausea, stomach aches, indigestion, loss of appetite, or the opposite incessant eating.  The heart is affected many get heart palpitations or irregular heartbeats.  I ended up in the hospital before recognizing the cause was these flares.  There is often a heat or cold sensations felt. woman's  hormones are also affected by solar flares. Others will find themselves dreaming more vivid dreams that are uncommon to them.

Our bodies work extra hard trying to adjust and assimilate this energy so it's suggested we drink extra water..Water remember is the electrical conductor and it helps the energy to flow through us
more efficiently.  Coffee, caffeinated drinks, sugar, MSG foods rev up the nervous system and have a dehydrating effect. Along with water it's suggested you take Omega 3 to help mitochondria functioning, and Vitamin B Complex for brain functions.  If you are having body pain try Epsom salts bath and Lavender aromatherapy for relaxing, with some Infinite Stones or Shungite. Make sure to get enough sleep and a nap doesn't hurt when the body is working overtime like this.

The Hathors channeled regarding this some time ago saying it's common for the human system to shut down, to close off to energy such as this, and it's this resistance which causes  much of this
effect and the pain. We need to consciously tell our body to stay open, keep the chakra open, and allow it to flow freely rather than try and block it (which is not possible). The more free flow it has the easier it is to assimilate and the less ill effect we will feel and the faster this photon energy caring universal awareness will become part of our new advanced human form.

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