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Yes another post on the November13th New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio, cause it is so vastly important to all of humanity and the planet. Like many things my awareness evolves on a subject or event as I integrate it into my understanding, this prevents shock being gradual.
We're winding down to that marker point of 12/21/2012 which is a point in astronomy and astrology where the earth aligns with  Galactic Centre of the MilkyWay. No it never was predicted as the End of Earth, simply as the end of time/things/life as we know it, because from this alignment point higher frequency is emitted which will transform the consciousness of this planet through new awareness. It's a unique alignment as most every ancient culture around the world has calculated and commented on it since they sensed and lived with energy which is something modern man has blocked from his conscious awareness.

As of this Nov.13 we are only "39" days away from this marker in time, and will be experiencing the energy expression of a Scorpio New Moon with a Solar Eclipse. An eclipse makes the energy of this New Moon about 10 times more powerful. This is also another SUPER MOON at perigree with Scorpio known for emotional intensity. It's conjoining the North Node or the Dragon's Head a point of intake, (where the tail is the outtake which happened with an eclipse last May); this is the yin/yang energy of our planet. We are now ready to Birth a new earth.

This eclipse mirrors that May 20th eclipse which releasing energies of the last 25,625 years. It released negative imprints of misaligned expressions of male power along the Pacific Ocean grids effecting the whole planet. We've seen this with the rebellions around the world all summer. [Eclipses provides opportunities to release negative energy imprints,enabling new positive patterns to emerge] in this event become encoded into Earth grids. Annular Eclipses have a very subtle effect on the energy grids, releasing, transforming and healing the ethereal energy that can enable new spiritual energy to emerge into collective consciousness.~~ Thus, the energy of these two eclipses bring energy for healing imbalances between the masculine and feminine consciousness in humans,  their relationships, societies, businesses, governments, and international relations, in all the kingdoms and elementals throughout and around the planet.The May Eclipse released and healed the masculine andthiseclipse will enable the feminine aspects of consciousness to begin to move in to all these areas. On
this day Mars also aligns with Galactic Center placing the male spiritual warrior back into creativity. It's time to anchor the ascending creative Famine energy of the Heart back into the planet with the male strength .

Looking at this against the 12/21 alignment which is the Winter Solstice along with a 26,000 year precession of equinoxes into a new galactic age we are going to all be experiencing profound energies over the next month..remembering that this is a progression to and ebbing away from the most powerful Central energies. I'm sensing this as our pushing the start button on 11/11 and seeing the current flow to the motor which by 12/12 starts up and hits full function by 12/21....

11/11 Pushed Ignition 11/13 Sending Current for the SHIFT - aKunaKumara's Blog - Blogster

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