Saturday, November 24, 2012

4thDensity / 5th Dimension is GREEN

 Awhile ago I began seeing everything Green, I mean every photo or painting
that appealed suddenly was hues of Green. If it wasn't a natural place of
garden or wooded beauty, it was then Green glowing sky's created by the
atmosphere surrounding our planet. When I did the format for the new blog
site it kept coming up shades of Green and Gold. Now Green is one of my more
favored colors, but normally I tend to be the deep forest Green, not the light
bright glowing Greens. I scan photos in my personal PC collection and their is
a natural hue of Green. I actually began to feel confused and out of balance 

using colors that didn't encompass shades of Green. Then one day the
answer regarding this came to me, the new energy is Green ~~ of course, the
physical world is doing what has been dubbed Going Green, and I've even
taken up a Green Juicing lifestyle.

It was in reading the Law of One by the RA I came to realize that the new
4thDensity with is 5thDimension is Green, just as the 4th Human Chanka.
Knowing this explains so much by placing it in logic. Someone out there who
assumed they were referring to Nature, felt the energy and their higher level
of consciousness coined the movement Going Green because it is going back
to nature but it also is happening as move into the Green Vibrational Tone.
It clear now why there has been so very many things in my life directing me
to notice articles on the advantages of PH balancing of my body functions
via organic Raw Green food. When we begin to connect consciously with the
vibrational energy surrounding us we pick up on all sort of things, and this
is a wonderful example as all is Frequency Vibrating and each vibration
is both a color and sound which we ourselves become as we start vibrating
that frequency. So plan on going green yourselves vibrationally if your on a
path to what is called Ascension of Enlightenment to become higher resonating
fifth dimensional beings. This is why I keep trying to turn my pages green
cause I'm green, it's why my long time Avatar has to be turned green gold.
I am expressing my universal aura tone. We are moving from the yellow-gold 

vibration to the green and thus the meld and bleed together at this moment.
This is information shared from the RA, a 6thDensity Memory Complex,(group of
individuals merged in one mind) expressing the Law of One:
I Am RA,
*the first-density corresponded to the color red the foundation to come,
*the second to the color orange movement and growth of the individual,
*the third to the color yellow self-conscious manifestations of a social nature...
*the 4th Density/5th Dimension is GREEN Color Tone of honor and duty of the
  Law of One. This is responsibility and honor.

The basic vibration that forms the photon that forms the core of all atomic
particles has a vibration tone relationship to that color in the density.

Comments and discussion is welcome .. it's how we share our wisdom

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