Saturday, February 16, 2013


Recently there is information being put out, not new, but stuff that hasn't been out front ~~"the idea that life is a hologram and we as soul essence project thought to become physical matter,  then project the reality we experience from the vibration of energy we hold as beliefs and emotions. In other words we create the reality we are experiencing from what we are, in a co-creative process with other soul essence in an agreed upon format on Earth." I know this to be true as I continually create experiences in my life to validate this to myself..WHY? cause my desire is to have this action become part of the forefront of my conscious functioning. When it's going  on in the unconscious and subconscious mind things tend to occur that we would otherwise not want. Thus my desire is to be consciously aware of  the vibrational frequency of my feelings and beliefs at all times, so I'm creating according to my hearts deepest desire. This is part of what the Shift in Consciousness is for.. so we can create a whole new type reality to function in as a Superior Advanced Human Expression.

Like just last night I knew my body was attempting to get a cold. I've said for many years "I don't get sick, there's no open occupancy for germs to take residence in me" .  This has kept me nearly completely cold and flu free for more than 20+ years. However, I duped myself unconsciously on this....

**My adult daughter with Lupus has a chest cold Bronchitis. (very dangerous for her)  so  chest colds and being rid of them have been on my mind with concern for her. **Also son wanted Lasagna and Mac&Cheese last night so I too ate this horror for an alkaline diet. **Just when I'd slacked off on Vit ACZink to avoid overdose. **Then problem tenant with rent  due the 1st promised it the 8th~ didn't pay, leaving me short over the snow storm. He pays on 12th  habit for him to pay at his convenience not when it's due. Mentioned his inconveniencing me again, started to suggest a payment plan which I'd mentioned last August; his arms start flailing and he tells me he doesn't want to hear this......dhaaaaaaaaaa! I was angered again by his ignorance since he pays a late fee after the 10th and this would save Him! Ranting to son after that I had to be rid of this guy--finally I put ego in balance knowing it's to my advantage tolerating him.  Five minutes later it dawned the guy said he had a cold, and I'd handled his money to count it, which obviously he'd also done.  My responce wasn't pleasant saying something like "he can't give  me rent on time but damn sure can give me his cold as soon as he gets it !" Dense/negative energy rose in me and I did myself in with the energy of my sarcasm and subconscious thoughts. NOT WANTED but I created it with unconscious thinking not being mastered and 3 days later my throat is scratchy and ears popping.

Last night refreshed the Rose Quartz & Citrine water on the night stand and visualized the negative dense energy of those thoughts floating into it. Again did O'Hoponopono for this guy which has been a real battle for me cause he's his aura reeks of the density of a womanizer, and that's nearly impossible to over come when I think of him cause I think in terms of peoples energy not their physical. I poured AC&Zink &D3 into me, used the Netty Pot and had a organic raw green veggie juice before bed to help alkaline my system. This morning there is only slight remnant remaining, turning it around before it gets a hold. I've also repeated to the germs themselves, "you are not welcome in me, you must go." We need to remember they, however lowly in our egos estimation, are beings in an attempt for survival by finding a  home in which to live and's just not in me that they will find this. No Vacancy Within!
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