Thursday, February 28, 2013

Working With Shadow Self ~~Mystic Merlinite

Recently I've been working with a stone called Mystic Merlinite. Came upon it accidentally searching for something else on ebay.  This is the kind of thing higher self pulls to assist us along our path.  I'd been channeling information regarding  Shadow Work "AGAIN" and had run up against a wall. Mystic Merlinite is the black and; white stone resembling physically Dark and Light with it's ability to help us merge the shadows through acceptance. For all the meditation and inner-acting in physical that was taking place, I knew I'd run up against some strong resistance in releasing this cellular memory so it could be accepted and loved and respected as part of self. Mystic Merlinite has the capability of parting the veils between the visible and invisible worlds, bringing exiled parts of self back into the light of consciousness to fully be understood .This is the really deep stuff that comes form our very origins, that settles in our roots and lower ego based chakras. I'd been working with a part of me that was not really a part of me, but some past me long ago. Often there is a residual left within the memory banks that is nearly impossible to find, let alone work through releasing when we have anger hate and resentment towards that being part of us. This is why it's called Shadow Work, it that part of us lurking deeply in the shadows of our vibration we choose not to own. It's that which we want no part of, find insulting, and embarrassing to claim, and for all intent and purpose choose to deny existence in us. It is also this very stuff that comes back to harm us in reclining years as Senility and Alzheimer when we are less capable of holding the  illusion in the shadows, so it eventually shows it's ugly face. The older we are the more chance of this expressing itself in our persona, and perpetrating an even stronger denial of it's expression.


This stone was exactly what I was needed to ease the process of recognizing this energy within, accepting it as a chosen and needed experience, and loving self for having chosen this to the benefit of All That Is. Yes this is a hard one for all of us, and most people choose to shove it in the background and then continue to reincarnate with it until they can accept and love the self for having been brave enough and dedicated enough to the exponential expansion the All That IS to have expresses this horror for the sake All Knowing. 

My very first experience was with two very small pebbles of Mystic Merlinite. Placing on on my Third Eye and the other on my Root Chakra there was an immediate surge of what felt like sexual energy. It had awakened the energy lurking in the root shadows. Energy of the original hybrid me that had come here to seed this planet. It was a
powerful experience spiritually and physically and one I knew need restraint so it couple be handled with human intellect  directing it toward the Heart Chakra and worked through acceptance by Loving it for what it was, knowing it has been risen above. There is a saying ~ we must know the dark to recognize the light! this is the
original force which helped to form this which we call the polarity of this reality. How powerful is that..and yes I'm still working on loving the darkness of those shadows. It is not an over night process, especially when working with the very base vibrations that formed this reality for the collective.
Here is a stone for everyone interest in pursuing Shadow Work.

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