Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dinosaur Mojo At Work Today

Yesterday made a couple Mojo Bags...mojo simply means drawing good energy we need and desire to us. They were very simple requiring no sewing, only embellishments to personalize them, except for the top one which is a real work of art.. They are for eliminating the waste in ones life. Waste of all kinds.
You see I  have a few pounds of Dinosaur Bone which was acquired when we had the B&M store and I have always been drawn to it's energy, but never really understood why until someone into Rock Medicine clued me in, then I recognized how over the years it's influenced me.  I'll be making more bags selling them for very little over the cost of item and shipping.  Below I added the information which is quite interesting. However , even more interesting is how this began working in my life so strongly as a few bones were removed from their plastic bags and lay near the computer between doing up lunch dishes. Thoughts wandered to son who had his TV on not watching it, uses it for company where he's rebuilding an antique dresser. Had to bite my lip from instigating trouble between us, and will find a wiser approach to his saving on electric and a high bill. Back at the computer went into ebay Watch List where there are a few items to consider purchasing.Scanning the list I began deleting one after the other, saying there is no real need for this or it's to costly for what I'd use it.  Suddenly realized the Dinosaur Bone was working in my Aura eliminate waste in my own life. What a joke~~
or is it just the higher self way of validating what I'm offering to others truly does hold this very powerfully Rock Medicine.

Donosaur  Bone
"Waste Not ~ Want Not"
As the saying goes, what better attribute to acquire than this in times when so many struggle to survive these times of change and depleting resources.  Within this unique Mojo Bag resonates the power mojo to know and apply full use of all without waste, which vibrates from powerful Petrified Dinosaur Bones from the Jurassic Period of the Morrison Formation, which are approximately 140 million years old. Thought a complex process of replacement mineralization these fragments of bone have been petrified. They carry the energy which they resonated in the last days of their species life, as they scavenged for survival wasting nothing during their great distinction.
Dinosaur Bone treats any form of waste including time,  resources, words, and use of energy. Even Health issues of  'wasting away' such as Aids, Anorexia, and Aging are treated on  all energy body levels.  On the Global  level it treats air, water, vegetation,  animal, mineral extinctions which are already in progress, as well as preventing future waste from occurring.
The perfect Power Mojo for all humanity to embrace in these times of depleting abundance created by earth changes.  With the proper mind set to never waste we will soon find ourselves without second thought never in want by using all to it's fullest potential,which will begin to resonate as abundance in our life just as it did with the indigenous Native American's who foretold of these times and who only used what they needed without waste.
I Do Really Tingle When This Energy Rock Medicine Is So Evident!!!!
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