Sunday, March 10, 2013

Manifesting From The Dream State

We've all by now heard how this new energy is changing our ability manifest. We think and it's there, there's no working at it, no waiting for it, it just is because we've placed it in priority of our thought.. Now if your just going about like not thinking as was the norm then your thinking nothings happening, but think back and you'll see that you ended up getting just what you thought or not getting what you were failing to think.
This happened loud and clear with me...

I've been thinking of other things~ like sewing Crystal Protection Bag and making up crystal jewelry. What I haven't been thinking even while listing them for sale ~ is their selling. Think about this now. The normal way we think is what we're doing while we're doing it, so the idea of crafting a piece and listing it for sale does not actually take in the thought projection of it being sold  or handing it to someone with a $ exchange, or packing it and placing it in the mail.  Even though sales were at rock bottom I'd not really done to much contemplating of this other than to think maybe I should close the ebay store.Then I got smart. ~~~ I started working on manifesting what I wanted SALES.

First I placed the "Infinite Possibilities Crystal" by the computer keyboard. (It's a Citrine that I purchased as it was called Infinite Possibilities the name of my blogs and the name of my store. Citrine is called the merchants stone and ancient merchants placed it in their cash drawer.)
Second I envisioned people complimenting these bags and them being shipped out as sales. So far I've sold one every day. (they aren't ever going to be real popular sellers as the are not main stream interest)
Third came my nights dreaming cause I woke in the middle of the night and had a particular pair of handmade crystal healing earrings which have been listed for quite some time on my mind....checking the site this morning they SOLD.
I've managed to create the waking experience from not just conscious thinking but Subconscious and Unconscious thoughts that creep into our dream state. As long as I'm in all states of consciousness thinking what I desire the manifesting of it will exist with much greater ease....just like sales on line happens even when we're sleeping, it's always what I like about an online store working 24/7 while I did other life....It's a clear cut view of the new multi-dimensional human.
This instant manifestation has been occurring with our conscious thinking, but not with our dreams, apparently this is a new phase of it taking over. Believe I'm being shown that our creating of life experience is going into full swing. Not just what we are conscious of thinking is going to resonate as our experience, but what we hold in our dream thought will also because our reality experiences are created from the vibration of though we hold. This says to me there's another reason to be ridding our cellular memories and energy bodies of that which creates our fears and blocks which we no longer serves us, cause rid is rid and then they will no longer be available in us for in the conscious, subconscious or unconscious mind to be dredged up in our waking thought or dream thought, because no matter where the thought vibration comes from if it's in us we will vibrate it ~~ making our dreams come true.....I for one choose to have those dreams be the desires of my heart not the shadow thoughts of my past I'm unaware of...Back to cleansing and releasing more Past Life I can live the NOW with purity.

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