Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Music We Are Within OPHIUCHUS Symphony

 Reading a book by a musician/sound healer...she says each generation can be noted by their taste in music and it's a sign of evolution, not of just generations, but individuals. Individuals rarely move out of the preferences of their own generation into that of those that follow. It's all about "Vibration" and tones being part of Aura and makeup of the physical mindset. Considering this, I can see how things such as aging are keep in place as a progression of the linear time system, cause if we carry within us certain tones which don't evolve along with our other thinking, than as new tones come into play we are left behind, thus making us outdated and old. Another concept to consider in this evolutionary process where we're striving for healthy longevity.

I've noticed this in differences with the way my grandsons are raised as to how my children were, even though it's those children raising the grandsons. Mine were always outside playing, the area was filled with kid,often I had to take head count throughout the day as to which neighbors kids were here. These days you'd think there were no kids on the mountain when you drive down the road even during summer vacation. Shock, now that I'm driving son to work I'm behind school buses the whole way which stop for a kid every 6 ft. driveway, it' like they only climb out of the woodwork into fresh air if they are forced out by parents hand placing them on the bus. These parents all walk or drive their kids down the driveway or they sit supervised in a car till the bus driver takes over supervision. To me an obvious reason for someone going wild when they get a little freedom as a teen, and not knowing how to make responsible choices without adult overseers. Daughters reasoning is this is a different world! and  for the taxes they pay her kids deserve the service! Hummm~ those with no children like me and those never having any, all pay these same taxes which are being burned up uselessly with bus stops every 6foot for a kid that can't walk short distances. Ya ~~sure is a different world as we're putting fear into the next generation believing they must have constant protection from unseen harm. This may just be a major factor in the Psyche of these who do things to be feared, cause they never learned responsibility for self as older generations did. Having grown up in the day of the Armed Services Draft, I can tell you there is one whopping big difference between the mature responsible 21 year old MEN in my day and the self centered little 21 year old BOYS of today. Their feet may be bigger today but they will never fit in the shoes of the men of my generation unless the start doing some mental growth towards self sustainiblity....Strange notice how that individual is a clear expression of the bigger picture of the world.

I've also been telling myself I need to get a hand-held devise,  I've become outdated when in past at 50 I learned computer before my kids did. I had a cell phone early on, being retired have little use for one, except son tells me I need one in case something happens.....YA Fear that danger is lurking!. However ~~these devises have outdated computers since they do all a PC can and more, so it's time to upgrade abilities to stay abreast...Last night daughter called me from home - she forgot her cell phone, normally calls on way to/from work. There was a short period of conversation and then she went dead, I mean she got lost unable to converse without that driving distraction. Which showed me what I've been feeling from many younger people, who converse without ever making any real connection of their energy to yours. This is a whole new Vibrational Society that is somehow living through the air waves in a whole new way. It's evolution and it's all about the "Music We Are Within" and how with less and less attaching to the vibrations of the whole we are become a much sicker society mentally and physically. WOW what an observation!!!!!!! 
OPHIUCHUS come heal us!

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Ien in the Kootenays said...

The good news is the young now want a cell phone more than they want a car. I noticed during our trip to the coast in April how the constant being in touch helped son and good friend meet up and navigate through urban transit.