Thursday, June 13, 2013


Lately I've been in sort of a funk~~~seems I'm not alone many of us are being effected by the energy from planetary aspects and all the electro-magnetic energy from solar flairs, all of which places us in situations with changes in our life we must accept with new attitudes and belief systems learning to deal with it. On top of this it effects those we live with too, and thus adds to our own. All any of us can do is try to find some joy that helps to dig our mood out of the depression hole. Personally I've always found getting involved in what ever takes my mind on one those delightful trips of creativity in which we can forget the rest of the world and come back saying "where'd the time get to" is my medicine of choice. So I looked to the stones which I've found heal me as I'm healing others or constructing a healing tool for others to heal by. As with all things living their vibration merges with ours, holding these little things I get a good dose of their vibration. So I set out to construct a channeled wand that I'd gathered materials for and the busies had been keeping me from. I was told make it this is a new one. "Glow" Assuming that meant fill with  Divine Light. Joke on me. First I used the Crystal Tuning Fork on them for cleansing, then meditated with them thinking these stones needed more awakening. After placed them on the big crystal ~nothing beyond the energy they contained which together seemed to be amplified and very powerful~ but knew it still wasn't what was intended.Then it hit the box of old craft supplies were two squares of Polymer Clay that GLOWED...but this stuff was 4yrs old it had to be rock hard~Nope...just fine so this was a new catch to create a new style powerful healing tool that Glowed in the darken room during meditation. If nothing else spirit does know how to have creative fun,of course,spirit does express with joy to show us how to Lighten UP~~their Pun not mine.
Selenite with 4 quality CZ's, Quartz Crystal point, 2 flashy Precious Opals and one lovely natural hi quality Dark Blue STAR Sapphire............look at that star will ya.

A few years ago tried to work with the clay unsuccessfully, and since had read several How To things. So I dug the old Toaster Oven out of the attic, and gave it a try....#The first batch was set at the recommendations and it turned reddish brown from the lovely white green glow, and it didn't glow. #The next one was baked at a low setting for twice the time and it worked perfect including the Glow. It will do but the stones didn't like the heat. Means I'll have to find another way of adorning by not including the stones in the clay baking. However, this was fun, lifted my mood, and created a whole new type healing tool that hopefully will draw those they have been channeled for. Hopefully~~joke~~~~~ spirit always has a role in bringing the right person, it's just the matter of when those others hear the message and then answer it..But I love the idea of glowing in a darkened meditation room.
 P.S. now have to work on getting the camera to take a picture of the Glow in the Dark ~any suggestions?? it just wouldn't show in the camera for me.

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Ien in the Kootenays said...

Glad to see you are having creative fun! Funny, I keep hearing people talk about dark energies, while I have been experiencing near perfect contentment, just being in the gardens. I do get worried about The World, but planting and growing things is my favourite positive thing to do.

Akuna Kumara said...

Nice to see you Ien thanks for dropping by...these aren't dark energy or negative really, they are changed new energies that carry new awareness and weigh heavy on us as they are being integrated into our vibrational structure .. and create the changes we are seeing occur around the globe. If your not feeling them maybe your not meant to...