Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ultra Modern Energy Cleansing with Frequency

Lazy Ya the older I get. But this isn't why I got this,,it's appeal is being able to do this in a snap when needed even when others are present without making it a drama scene for those who really don't hold the belief...Of course, what's not to believe when not just Energy Healers, but Musicians and Scientists are all telling us "Everything is Energy with Vibrational Frequency".
  • The old way of cleaning crystals was = intention  water  sun.... On occasion that is what the crystals want, but till I get to it they have lately been happy being placed on Selenite the highest resonance self cleanser in their own kingdom, which also recharges them without sun. Selenite is the Illuminated path between Spirit and Matter...
  • The old way of cleaning energy in a space = is intention and smudging, I stopped the White Sage Smudge cause of smoke/soot/odor remaining in inclosed areas and started following my Guides suggestion of using a crystal to move the density from a space. This has worked way better and more efficiently than smudging for myself.
However I've found a new way ~ definitely a New and More Modern way of cleansing energy by using frequency.
This was developed by famous musician / Healers who produce sound healing music and various scientific frequency methods of healing. They call this the Crystal Tuner TM . It's Frequency is ~~~ C 4096Hz ~~~ and you can forget that old 3D mentality of Trade Marking what the Source of Creation devised....It's CRYSTAL FREQUENCY resonating  at 4096cps (cycles per second) a very high tone. To use it you tap the 4096cpsTuning fork on a crystal and it sets the Crystal to vibrating and the tone of the tuning fork is it's loudest and longest as you walk it & crystal through the space or encircle another object, crystal or person transforming their dense energy into higher frequency. The pouch is one I'd made for sale on ebay, perfect for the Fork&Crystal once I stitched between the to color velvets to keep them from banging together. Perfect of storage and transit...
This is tuned to the 9th Octave of the overtone series; Said to open the door to the Angelic Kingdoms and the heart tone of planet Earth at 8cps. This is a new Tuning Fork to me and I'm finding it wonderfully efficient and like especially it's capacity to also work with the Angelic Kingdom, this is a true expansion of the old way and so very appropriate for this new cycle energy we are no living.
Truly an Upgraded Method for the times.

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