Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Birds did it, Fish did it, Even Ponds Did It

Early today minds a blank, something to do with waking up to an alarm when normally don't even wind the clock. Probably did knowing sleep would be sound with the return of cool night mountain air. Listed on ebay the wand pictured ~ large Merkabah Wand, made a Merkabah Pendant too. Then made a regular wand, not done yet, but all components got to soak up the Grand Trine energy as did all the house crystals. The voice in my head is very clear with instructions, tried not following ~~doesn't work. Never get past the nagging feeling of that "Must Do". Fortunately we have clear sky's till Thursday so all Crystals can stay out remainder of the Grand Trina transit.The field of energy is all one so it filters indoors too, it's just crystals being earth elements prefer a direct bask in sun and moon at special times. Took over an hour to move them all outdoors.

Now you know how crazy my life is. Hours often spent setting up crystal grids on the property to bring in specific energy flow. Does it work YES!   Energy being an invisible force I'd question if it were not for the Transmutation Pond, originally a swimming pool we capped with stone (Granite containing Quartz) to compliment surrounding woods. It became a fish pond when kids left the nest, today remains  a functioning system to collect and transmute negativity and energy on property that is denser than my own highest resonance. It also functions in tandem with water sources worked by others as Pockets of Light between Philadelphia Pa & New York City~~ water is a natural power source that as Dr Emoto showed can carries energy and ability to easily be programed.. The pond worked superbly as people have mentioned driving down the road and being drawn to this place. (there is an energy dome over it created by the pond so they sense the Higher resonating energy within)

Transmutation Pond               Energy Dome ~you can see curved energy opening

 Late 2006 son return home to live, by 2009 pond plants were dying, by 2010 rock edge was crumbling and most fish had gone to fish heaven as a result of the pond being over worked transmuting sons dense energy, and creating it in both me and the long time guy tenant who is sons age. Endless effort to cleanse energy and re-empower pond function was 'next to' a loosing battle,  both the tenant and I recognized in ourselves how we were backward sliding from it. By 2012 son took over bio-dynamically trying to save the pond, having no idea of it's spiritual energy propose; it became his Project of Love. His heart felt effort seems to slowly transform his negative/dense/Saturn; even though the pond still exhausts itself daily transmuting the overload, there is slow progressive improvement, more fish, plants living, frogs, and two Snapping Turtles had selected it as home and to be remove. I avoid any physical interference, allowing sons non-artistic eye a free run, but regularly tend the energy~~ thus a long story made long, the pond has shown me in physical how Energy Mastery is possible when done for the greater good of all with no interference even as Earthkeeper of a space. Mention all this cause this mornings meditation at the pond found it Highly Energized and joyfully capable of transmuting any density. Indication even physical earth ponds could take the Merkaba ride into higher frequency energy during this Grand Trine Transit ~cause all is energy of consciousness~All is One.

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Ien in the Kootenays said...

That was absolutely fascinating. I was also glad to see it on blogspot, instead of blogster. I have tried to follow your links to blogster in the past, and got stuck.