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What is this Ring-Pass-Not

Constantly the universe is pushing, right now whatever your personal format is for releasing the stuff that no longer serves you, your going to find there is some personality trait it's energy is attempting to transform. Like for me it's an unconditional level of compassion gone astray till it's become self destructive creating my own hell. It's negativity is beyond negative, with depression from anger by doing this to the self. In the 3D world any choices for change are all convoluted with social convention, and relationship structure making it that much harder, as they are really only a damned if you do damned if you don't catch 22, because any choice is going to bring the pain you've been avoiding by not stepping outside the boundary of the 3D Matrix Blueprint.. These types of woundings  close us off through the flight/fight survival mechanism, they are the ones creating emotional blocks forming from stagnated energy which ceases to flow beyond that certain point where we choked off. Eventually this energy back-up thickens till it has no place to go but out showing itself as physical mental or emotional disease. (our Karmic Lot as it's called)

Last night was the Leo Full Moon opposite Sun in Aquarius, a powerful energy at any time,even more so for son and myself with our moons in Aquarius. Full Moons mean endings or change which recreate new formats always hitting on our emotions in some way...[Moon is emotion and Aquarius is known for emotion deeply buried] While each Full Moon is different for each of us depending on our natal energy chart, we can generalize the area they work in. This is the second Full Moon with Sun in Aquarius, a sign it's important and the universe is giving us a genital guiding hand, pushing toward major change within.With the positioning of other planetary energies it's one guiding us toward seeing more clarity of how we create our own deepest woundings and forcing us to step up the vibrational ladder to deal with it, or suffer the Dark Night of the Soul (or the deviation of seeing life from the bottom of the bit.)   This particular moon has the power to show more clarity regarding our inner stuff than was ever possible before, because cosmic energy is at what is called the Lion Gate of Moon in Leo. Earth within the Solar System is spinning through a energy wave capable of creating clarity, giving opportunity to go within for transformation and resist hiding somewhere in that old 3D Vibrational Matrix format of our programing.

For most of us it's a lifetime of personality pattern that will be changed, because the new vibrational wave we are in no longer supports old 3D patterns. None of the old paradigm choices fit, thus we must work through them with a whole new set of beliefs creating new attitudes of response and actions. We are at a point of putting Einstine to work for us, when he said "You can't solve a problem at the same level it was created". Meaning one must step up to a higher frequency to get beyond the existing problematic situation. For most of us it will mean the time is at hand to DETACH from emotionalizing life. All situations are only happenings, Neutral until we place an attitude on them via filtering them through emotions of our belief system. This detachment is what Jesus referred to when he said  "Being in this world not of it".  It is time for us to move through the gate were we experience ourselves as Oneness with all other, knowing we are essence manifested as matter inner-acting as an expression of the experience. With this realization we begin to see how all is Neutral till we as matter run the experience through the filters of our emotional system where they are attracted to cellular memory patterns. Once realizing we are only vibrating energy and a physical holographic illusion we can detach from emotionalizing, to experience life in this new manner as higher frequency matter. But it's a choice of... accept or reject... Live a Higher Consciousness experience or experience the Dark Night of the Soul and hope you're strong enough to come through it by understanding Earth is a reflection of anything which you are vibrating as your expression. You will view the planet as experiencing a Dark Night or expressing a reality transformation into higher resonance Our choice ..Do we raise above it or run backward into the collapsing pit?

The fuller importance of this Blue or Double Full Moon within the sign Aquarius, is that we're moving through an energy wave creating what spirituality and religion called "Ring-Pass-Not" . (kind of a do or die energy) The Ring-Pass-Not is an energy point where human consciousness moves beyond all limitations they previously could not get beyond, because they were limited by their own persona of karmic expression.. (or the filters created by experiences where energy became stagnated unable to flow by not being open, trusting and loving, due to pain of woundings.) We know these aren't physical rings, but energetic barriers we must dismantel for ourselves if we are to evolve into a higher state of vibrational energy. At this time it is necessary to pass through it to be in harmony with the new fabric of this reality we've chosen to be part of...Presently we are working at releasing limitations created by ego, this is the last marker point showing us the time is now to stop resisting. We will be through this gate by August 25th, when either we experience the outer world reflecting to us the bliss of oneness, or the Darkness at the bottom of the pit where ego battles the unattainable win over our spiritual self. The Ring-Pass-Not can occur for anyone at anytime this one is special as it's for all humanity as part of the reality expression with the planet.  It's another facet of the Shift in Consciousness spoken of through out history.
**for me it's a persona of Compassion gone a astray bye being my own worse enemy becoming
an enabler to others...I must learn detachment without emotionalizing. Thus seeing all as Neutral.
This has been learned at many levels this is yet another level up the ladder...
**son is doing his own thing which I won't assume to understand as it's not mine.  There is progress
and can only hope he musters strength to move through the Ring for himself,  it is his to do and I
must detach from it. Allow and Accept

                  Now you know why I have used this as my site background.
Religion - Miscellaneous Dictionaries
The limit in spiritual, intellectual, or psychological power or consciousness,
beyond which an individual is unable to pass until he evokes from within the strength and
the vision to carry him forwards and over the circumscribing limits set by that individual's
own karma. In the Stanzas of Dzyan, the lipikas are said to circumscribe the triangle, the
first one, the cube, the second one, and the pentacle within the egg, which is the ring called pass not for those who descend and ascend and for those who are progressing toward the great Day Be-With-Us. Also called the dhyanipasa (rope of the dhyanis or angels) that hedges off the phenomenal from the noumenal kosmos. The world circumscribed by this ring is signified mathematically by 31415 =14 expressing hierarchies of dhyan-chohans. The imbodying monads, and men who are ascending towards purification but have not yet quite reached the goal, can cross the ring only on the Day Be-With-Us, the day when man will have freed himself from the trammels of ignorance and recognized fully the nonseparateness of his personal ego from the universal ego, and returns into conscious at-one-ness with Brahman.These ring-pass-not are therefore obviously not actual rings of matter, but inabilities to pass beyond the limits set by one's own strength. They refer to tangible and intangible, albeittemporarily impassible, frontiers or barriers raised by past karma and guarded by the lipikas, those cosmic spirits of extremely mystical character who are at the same time the guardians
and agents of karma.

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