Wednesday, October 9, 2013

END OF TIME not just Summer

OUCH!!! it really is fall, sudden change from 80+degree days to a serious low 40's over night, leaves blanket the ground but there will be little tree color here again. Bright colorful leaf beauty depends on previous rains..but the Nut crop is abundant after a crappy soggy garden season.
(white ribbon electric and pvc over metal posts make for a great way to divide and rotate pastures between the post and rail fencing on our to dry to wet clay soil) 

To be noticing is the constant reminder of higher spirit, humans really are lax on this and miss much of the reality they create because of it. Seems I'm doing fairly well here now, frankly noticing too much at times that I'd rather not, but I'm told this noticing is meant to be areas for improvement within self, so the noticing serves us well. One thing that has been catching my eye, more with son than myself , is how everything and I do mean EVERYTHING is falling into place with a perfection of timing. It has been said we will begin noticing this as our reality moves more into being the Moment of NOW, as the NOW gives the instant manifestation at each right Moment. This barn project of son's hinged on the idea he could take the days off work and get stone, lumber & backhoe rental lined up at the same time. All fell into place better than planned as did availability of backhoe a second time with another load of stone without any planning. It almost seem ironic that TODAY Wednesday he got called back to work when last night the project was finally completed enough to safely get the horses under it's cover. Timing of perfection for a project that proved way more work than anticipated cause he was using half the wood and metal roof form old structure. All just in time for the first cold rains of the season on Thurs&Friday. TIMING of the NOW MOMENT indicating we have , from my perspective, moved into living the new Higher Vibrational experience of NOW in the New Dimension. For anyone not familiar~ NOW means we live in the MOMENT..not bringing emotions and woes of the past into the PRESENT, and not projecting worry and fear into a future. Simply living each moment for itself and allowing it to exist for what it can be. The new dimensional vibration is one where the only REAL TIME IS the NOW, and Past and Future are recognized as illusion cause they are only facets of memory and thought in our mind. Sometimes this new experience has life feeling like a limbo and the next moment like your running in place rushing to catch up going nowhere, but in it's end always right where your meant to be in that moment. We are literally shutting down the reality and old perception of TIME for a new TIME Program. We're not actually functioning in this new program yet, but the door is open and in some cases we have a foot over the the threshold. This is what has always been meant by THE END OF TIME ~~~ it's the end of TIME as we experienced it in 3rd dimension, and as we step into a new dimensional vibration wave as a planet, we step into a new experience of TIME in a faster vibration. Thus ones perception of time changes and time as we knew it ENDS and another new experience of how we perceive it BEGINS. Thus, if we're noticing it we can see it occurring.......Now if I could just step back into that old time frame long enough to get the flashlight that simply disappeared from the house last night.???? I know when I had it, where I put it, and it is now not in the house of this time frame....Dam-it and they are all gone, wonder what this indicates.?? Comments are always appreciated and love the idea of discussion on subjects. Thank You for being here

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