Friday, December 27, 2013

528Hz Vibration Created Earth & Us ~~~~A MUST

Awasome interview....Geo.Nonnry's Coast to Coast Radio... about vibration, and how
the Sun Planet Plants, even Grass resonate the 528Hz frequency. The newly uncovered Solfeggio MI 528Hz Tuning fork  (Mira gestorum) Miracles DNA Repair . For some time as per Spirit I've been putting together DNA Healing Kits, with Tuning Forks & Crystal Stones resonating DNA Healing tones to sell on ebay.
*DNA Healing Stone
*SELENITE for automatic cleansing and charging

This radio interview is another Christmas Gift to me from Spirit, validation with Scientific Studies behind it this 528Hz Miracle Tone,  showing us why it's so important we take our physical vibration serious. I'm always blogging Vibration and was beginning to feel I was beating my head against a wall as to it's importance. Not only this, it informs us of what the Illuminati has done to western music to keep us in disatence with the 441Hz basics of our music to keep our vibration screwed up and downgraded.
THIS in itself is a MUST KNOW ~~~please listen you won't regret it as the information connects to that in the Bible as an ancient validation...

There are tons of healing modalities,  none better suits our species than the simple use of Tuning Forks to Tune our physical structure back to the Vibrational Tone it should carry to be healthy, it must resonate this to completely cure.  In the 1980's Spiritual Healers taught me the use of Tuning Forks. At some time they wanted tonal healing (chanting) but I'm not on key?? so didn't follow through. Of late I've linked to Tuning Fork Healing with world renowned vibrational healers, and other medical professionals using
the frequencies of the Rife Frequency Machine. [which daughter has been using for Lupus,  and with medical professionals supervision she's in total remission, and then healed completely a secondary complex muscle disease which nearly took her life within two months.]  She is a powerful statement!!!!!

Long radio interview but worth every minute to find out how the Solar Flairs are  good for us, as I've been saying, and how grounding ourselves to Mother Earth is the grandest medicine available and It's Free...Turn up the volume, go about your day listing to this most informative NEED TO KNOW information.
Trust me you won't be disappointed you did.

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